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Recycling Tips for Green Waste Removal

Green waste is biodegradable waste that may come out of park or garden trimming. Food waste is also considered as green waste. This biodegradable waste can be recycled to form biogas which can further be utilized in kitchens. Green waste is often found high in nitrogen contents.

Disposal and Recycling of Green Waste

When this green waste is disposed off in landfills, it often releases greenhouse gases like methane which  not only creates an impact on the environment around but also causes an impact on the climate. Hence it is very important to dispose of green waste, with hands, that know how to dispose it off without impacting the environment. The disposal of green waste should ensure green environment.

There are special recycling units for green waste removals like leaves, grass, roots, tree branches and others. Often these companies or recycling units are approved by the government and should be checked for a valid license. They often recycle this green waste to form compost and then divert it towards agriculture and gardening industries, hence closing the loop of any waste.

You might think of disposing this waste on your own; however, you would require professional services when you want to renovate your garden majorly or transform your park completely. Also, as per rules you must dispose of the waste in proper manner, so that it has a minimal impact on the environment. Also, these commercial green waste removal service providers have big bins, related fleet and infrastructure, which make the process easy and efficient.

Preparing for Green Waste Removal

  • You may sign up for the commercial services for the green waste removal, however there are certain points you must also take care of, while generating and collecting this green waste.
  • Never mix this green waste with other kind of waste. It will become almost impossible to remove the two and it might not be useful for agricultural purpose, anymore.
  • If the green waste bin is completely stacked, then you should not overfill it, rather you can collect the green waste and keep it in tied bundle along the bin. The green waste removal service provider will figure out how to carry it with them.
  • Green waste material could be composed of – tree stumps, dirt, rocks, foam cups, packing material, metal, glass, paper, plastics, ice plant, or bamboo.
  • You can cut down the big tree branches into small bits before you put it into the green waste bin.
  • You must call green waste service provider a day after you have accumulated all your green waste. Recycling of Green Waste

Green waste is often collected and transferred to collection centers. There is a 10 to 12 weeks’ process to recycle this material completely and convert it into compost, and organic soil conditioner. Below is a list of green waste recycled products —

  • Firewood
  • Eucalyptus mulch and Eucalyptus superfine mulch
  • Soil conditioner compost and soil conditioner superfine compost
  • Forest Blend
Green Waste Removal also helps in making and keeping green environment. You can ask your local municipality officer about green waste management process and how they can help in establishing one in your locality. Once the process is in, they will place a waste bin near your locality where you must place green waste like paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The cardboard and newspapers must be cut into small pieces and never be overfilled in the bin. If you have some extra waste, keep it for another day or tie it in a plastic bag and place it near the bin without scattering it around the waste bin.

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