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6 Questions to Ask a Cleaner for House Cleaning Services

In this era, seeking help of a professional for cleaning has become an absolute essentialness. With a tons of options available, selecting the best can turn out to be a troublesome process. You need to make sure that the cleaner you hire is able to meet your priorities and maintain the home to perfection; this can only be accomplished when you take informed decision and are confident about the services of the professional.


But, the problem still remains to be the same- as several queries pops up in the mind like how to distinguish the potential company from the several options that you come across? This can be done by asking a few questions before you hire them.

The top six questions that must be a part of your list are enlisted below

What is the experience of the cleaner?

Whether you are planning to hire an individual or a team of qualified cleaners, understanding their experience is of utmost importance. Some of the key experiences that a cleaner can have include:

  • Commercial cleaning dealing with extensive machinery cleaning

  • Carpet cleaner with in-depth knowledge about the carpets or

  • Window cleaner who is able to clean doors & windows

Basically, you have to realize the type of cleaners that you require and make your move. For instance, if you are searching for professional carpet or window cleaning services then count on those who specialize in the same.

Are the services insured?

Most of the companies often insure their services under two predominant types of insurance, one covers the workers and the other your property. The worker’s liability can be used if the worker becomes a victim of any accident or injury while serving at your place, while the property insurance covers the property from unforeseen damages due to the negligence of the cleaner.

Remember: both the insurances are equally important. Hence, do ensure that the professional you are about to hire is insured.

Are the professionals trained?

Besides the experience of the professional, their skill and training is crucial too. As, at the end of the day you will never want to compromise in terms of the quality of service that you get, so it’s always advised to discuss about this well ahead, to know more about the qualifications, expertise and competence of the professionals and whether they are capable of managing your work or not.

Is there any guarantee on the services?

What if you are not satisfied with the services of the cleaner? Will they be able to come up with a guarantee on delivering the quality that they claim? Most of the companies pledge to excel in the services that they offer, and some of them even provide money back guarantee which is a proof of the confidence that they have on their services.


What is the mission of the company?

Every company is established with a mission and the same stands for a professional cleaning firm. Ask more about their vision, focusing on the various practices and techniques implemented by them to achieve it. Here, the company would highlight certain aspects such as:

Are your services affordable?

You want a professional who is able to come up with exceptional cleaning services at value for money rates. Therefore, its best to ask them, whether their services are reasonable or not. For this, you can request for a quote, compare the same with other potential cleaners and then choose the one that you think would be suitable for your home.

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