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Add More Convenience to Your Home by Installing Retractable Roofs

Retractable roof is a roof that can be rolled back on tracks so that the inside of a property is opened to skylight. They are also known as operable roofs. Retractable roof are easy to install and do not require any construction work. They can mostly be installed with downpipes and rainwater gutters. They are produced in such a manner to match with all other components of your products. As opposed to the traditional roofs, retractable roofs can be lowered, or positioned in just a manner in which the user wants or does not want to allow sunlight to enter the home. They are versatile, with more usability, according to the features of a trendy and modern home.

Characteristics of Retractable Roof

  • They are high performance roof filled with the insulating capacity to achieve energy savings. They are fully water and wind tight.
  • The glazing of the retractable roof is done with polycarbonate, the advantage being that the lighting and the thermal insulation can be altered inside the system. The retractable roofs are popular in restaurants and bars, Swimming pools, sports clubs meeting halls and also in residences where an open air experience is wished for.

Common Shapes and Size of Retractable Roof

Common shapes mostly preferred are flat, hip ridge, barrel and dome. In a residence the size usually installed is 3’by 5’and a sports club or a meeting hall would prefer a 50’ by 100” Retractable roofs vary in shape and size from stadium to stadium. The roof may be fan like or in the shape of an accordion. Depending on the space where the retractable roof is to be installed, one can go for hiring the roofing expert. Retractable roofs are not almost the same with awnings, and even sports galleries and stadiums use them now to reduce the overall amount of their electricity bills.

The Areas Which Use Retractable Roof

The areas which commonly use this type of roof are extreme heat or extreme cold is prevalent. In the sports venue where the players have to practice and play in extreme weather conditions, retractable roofs are installed. Stadium retractable roofs are used in places where the comfort of the audiences to be considered who is watching the game played in such weather.

History of Retractable Roofs

The first installation of retractable roof is traced back to between 1958 to 1963. David S Miller was the founder of Rollmatic Retractable Roofs and filed for a patent in 1963 in USA. He built a movable and controllable roof section for different buildings. The first sports venue with retractable roof was built in Pittsburgh in 1961for basketball and Ice Hockey teams. In North America; Safeco Fields stadium has a unique feature. The roof acts as an umbrella to cover the playground and also the spectator areas during unfavorable weather with no side walls enclosing the stadium. Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec was the first stadium which was constructed for 1976 Summer Olympic Games.

The Concept of Open Roofs

Open roof resembles the retractable roof system but are more affordable and less complex roof systems. Many modern sports facilities are using such open roof system. They are also constructed with the similar materials as the retractable roofs. The new invention in the field is tempered glass roof and also polycarbonate roofs for durability and safety.

Both open roof and retractable roofs are being used in the greenhouse and garden centers for control of climate. Open roofs are mostly seen at small athletic clubs such as country clubs and college grounds. Custom retractable roof systems are becoming popular at distinguished venues all over the world.

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