Study The Professional Year in Engineering to Increase Your Employment

If you are thinking of studying engineering, there is a lot in Australia – as well as other students abroad have already figured out.

Statistics of the Australian National Engineering Task Force (ANET) show that in the field of engineering, international student enrollment increased by 81.8 percent and in the middle of 2002, in 2010 In Australia, 43% of all engineering graduates of Australia was part of international students.

A vast range of engineering courses across the country are available in Australia in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Chemical, Computer, Mechatronics, Materials, Agriculture, Marine, Mining, Petroleum, Geological, Industrial, Aerospace, Environment or Biomedical, Australia.

This gives you the opportunity to be an expert in the field of your choice. The Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are also on offer, which will qualify you for Engineering Associate or Engineering Technologist positions and can work as a route to the University.

If you are already working as an engineer, then the Australian Institute also offers a range of postgraduate programs in engineering, which will take you the next step in your career will help.

Australia is currently experiencing a widespread lack of engineers, especially in those states experiencing the highest growth in mining and resources – This high demand for graduate’s means that international students of engineering studies have strong potential for employment in Australia.


Australian engineering is important for international graduates to cater to the lack of skill, according to data from ANET, skilled migrant engineers have accounted for more than half of the supply of newly qualified engineers in Australian manpower. Engineering graduates working in Australia can also expect to earn higher salaries.

In Australia, the field of engineering is growing rapidly. Because skilled migration is associated with the economic needs of Australia, international students who are qualified in engineering are considered to be a high priority for permanent residence visas.

Graduates can choose one of the following migration opportunities:

# Stay in Australia after graduation (which is expected to be started in early 2013) or skilled – graduate (temporary) visa to get skilled work experience through Post-Study Work Visa.

# Stay in Australia after graduation (which is expected to be started in early 2013) or skilled – graduate (temporary) visa to get skilled work experience through Post-Study Work Visa.

# Get sponsorship with your employer through employer enrollment scheme or regional sponsored migration plan

# Australia’s skill selection application for permanent residence through skilled migration program

No matter how you came to engineering, know this: As an engineer, you have to face great challenges. Work experience is an important part of engineering courses in Australia, ensuring that graduates have the practical experience and skill required by employers in the workforce.

Work experience can be accomplished through the ‘co-op’ course, in which the Australian company or Includes work placement through other mandatory and voluntary internships.

Also see the Professional Year Program, which is a 12-month work experience program for international students, which allows them to gain valuable experience in the Australian engineering company and to get permanent residence through skill enhances their possibilities. In the engineering program, the professional year helps the engineering graduates to develop and enhance their employability, which the employer demands. Get insights into Australian workplace and job market in this unique 44-week work-packet program.

Professional year engineering is the reliable voice of learning and Engineers Australia is the training and development movement of Australia. More than 80 technical, business management and graduate courses offer an authorized suite; Designed specifically for engineers and related professionals.

Upon successful completion of Professional year engineering, you will be eligible to apply for 5 migration points which can be used for test visas for all points.

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