Guide to Buying The Right Wheelchair Cushions

There is no doubt in the fact that you need to buy wheelchair and cushion separately. The type of chair you need to buy will depend on the cushion that you have to use or vice versa. The wheelchair and cushion are closely related to each other as one has an affect on the other. Thus, it is important for you to consider one thing and buy the other. Buying any wheelchair for a particular type of cushion would not do and vice versa. When both the things suit each other, then you can have a stable posture and use the chair as desired.

When you research on the wheelchair cushions, you will know that there is great variety and many sizes available.  So you need to decide depending on the kind of wheelchair. A few factors that must influence your purchase decision are height of chair back, the length of footrest and position of the arm rests besides other features.

It is extremely important for you to make the right decision on which kind of cushion is the best for your needs and not pick just any one without much thought. One key factor that must influences the type of cushion to be bought is the condition of the patient. There are a few questions that need to be answered and then the decision should be taken.

Below listed are the questions that need answer:

Will the wheelchair be used inside the house only or outside as well?

When you wish to go outside, how will you take it outside?

For which activities does the user rely on a wheelchair on a daily basis?

Will the user require assistance when on a wheelchair or is self-dependent?

After the answering the above questions, give some thought and then buy wheelchair cushions for your loved one. The seat cushions are designed for various uses such as:

  • Positioning
  • Comfort
  • Increased stability
  • Pressure management

There are a number of types of cushions available in the market and those are mentioned below:

Gel cushions:

It is the kind of wheelchair cushions that is used to optimize the pressure by immersing the pressure points to the gel pack, this thus reduces pressure. It helps in perfect pressure distribution. Not just this, the gel cushions have advanced positioning features that help you get the best comfort level. This type of cushion is not appropriate for you in case you are looking for light weight and low cost cushions.

Foam cushions:

This is known to be the most basic kind of cushion that is used for a wheelchair. It is known to be the perfect kind for right pressure management as multiple layers of foam are used to make this. This is the best for you in case you are looking for light weight, low maintenance, stable surface and affordable cushions. In case you are looking out for advanced positioning characteristics, then this type would not help you out.  Be prepared to change this after a period of time as foam will wear out and also lose shape.

Air cushions:

As the name suggests, these wheelchair cushions are filled with air. You might be thinking that since it is filled with air, it will be very firm. The fact is that you can adjust the pressure to adjust the firmness of these cushions. These cushions are available in 2” and 4” height. These prove to be the best option in case you want a light weight, low maintenance cushion for extreme relief. In case you are looking for a low maintenance, affordable, stable seating surface and advanced positioning wheelchair cushions then this one isn’t the right choice.

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