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Top Applications of Screen Printing in Different Sectors

Printing is the one of the most essential parts of any product manufacturing, irrespective of the sector and industry. Apart from this, it has a vital role to play in advertising and marketing sectors as well. There are various printing techniques that impact the looks and features of the particular product. Among such set of options, screen printing is the most popular one. In this printing technique, a layer of ink is applied over a surface in order to achieve a photographic look. The best part of this technology is that there are endless creative possibilities in terms of designs and patterns. This form of printing is so popular among manufacturers, probably because it can be applied to any surface, provided that it is flat. Not only this, wide varieties of printing materials can also be used. As there are several combination possibilities, it is an ideal printing option in various sectors. There are various reasons why most of the sectors use this printing technology.

Several Uses of Screen Printing

screen printing
Screen Printing

Mentioned below are few common applications of screen printing. Let’s take a glimpse on it.

1. Textile industries: Textile industries find vast application of this printing technique. Different types of fabrics are used for printing in this style, ranging from cotton and nylon to different qualities of silk and synthetics. Once the required design is made, it is then transferred into the finished product. There are many designers who set their own printing units and print their designed patterns upon the fabric.

2. Household requirements: A wide range of household accessories can also be printed using this technique, including curtains, drapes, bed sheets, bed covers, cushion covers and others.

3. Advertising and marketing sector: Screen printing also play a vital role in the marketing and advertising industry. The flyers, advertisement posters, handouts and other sale promotion objects are mostly screen printed. As it requires limited edition of printing, this sector hardly invests on costly electronic and digital methods of printing. Being a cost savvy option, this technique is best when used for a limited period of time.

4. Healthcare sectors: The strips that are used for monitoring the glucose level of blood are generally made using the process of screen printing. Such strips usually contain biosensors made up of electrochemical particles and make the glucose testing at home quite easy. Some other healthcare products are also printed using this technique, including medical smocks, uniforms, masks etc.

5. Sport industries: In the manufacturing of souvenirs and collectibles, screen printing is often used. Sports products generally include T shirts, track suits, caps and other materials that generally contain the logo of the company. These are actually the customised articles generally used for branding purposes. Most of the times, they are printed using this printing technique.

What Aspects Make Screen Printing so Popular?

screen printing
Screen Printing

There are several good things about this printing technique that make it a preferred option over others:

1. Long lasting: It is the composition and material of the ink used in the screen printing which makes the designs long lasting. It can withstand several stress factors without affecting the quality of the print.

2. Greater finish: The most important point why this technology is so popular is its unbeatable finish. It produces vibrant and eye catchy colours that are pretty difficult to replicate or change in other printing techniques.

3. Versatility: None of the printing techniques is as versatile as this one. It is because it can be applied on almost all surfaces irrespective of its size or material composition.

4. Easily customisable: The best part of this technique is that it can be customised easily as per the requirements of the manufacturers.

The technique of screen printing definitely has a secure future and is one of the most demandable and affordable solutions for a vast variety of production units and industries. Make good use of this technique and apply it to your best use.

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