Various Types of Conveyor Systems You Can Acquire

The use of conveyor belts in manufacturing companies is increasing every day. Now more and more companies opt for automotive manufacturing systems, conveyor systems increase. Several industries are now including conveyor belts in their systems. This enhances servicing and production efficiency. Acquire several conveyor systems that help your business grow and makes life easier. Picking the right kind of system is essential for the increase in productivity. Not all conveyor belts are the same, and you have to know the best one for your company.

Conveyor system for packing

Points of a conveyer belt that makes it useful

You need to know what kind of conveyor belt fits your business the best. Moreover, you have to know the material of the belt you require for your company. Depending on what your company is manufacturing, you will have to select the material accordingly. Furthermore, while selecting such conveyor systems for your business, you need to know some significant characteristics. Some of these characteristics that needs to be checked can include:

  • flow ability
  • size
  • abrasiveness
  • corrosiveness
  • moisture content
  • temperature

You can acquire multiple benefits from installing conveyer in your company. Firstly, it will help you increase the efficiency of your production. You can expect other benefits like reliability in your operations, lower consumption of power, flexible feeding and other such functions.

Types of conveyor belts you can acquire

You can only avail of these benefits mentioned above if you know the type of conveyor system is required for your business. Here are a few types of conveyor belts to help you understand the differences:

1. Cleated Belt Conveyor

These types of systems usually have their uses in transporting coal, building materials, etc. The vertical cleats are placed horizontally on the belt, which helps you transport materials in large quantities. You will find these belts in chemical, hydropower, and metallurgical industries. However, it is important to note that these belts can operate from -19 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. These conveyor belts help transport powder, granular, small blocks, liquids, and paste materials.

2. Inclined Belt Conveyor

Working in mines, Miners generally need to transport materials up to the surface or down a slope. The inclined conveyor system comes in handy in these kinds of situations. You will be able to transport your goods from a height downwards or upwards with the use of this conveyor belt. Know that there is a limitation to the system’s incline. If this type of conveyor belt suits your company, you should know the limitation of the incline. The inclination of the system must not exceed 18 degrees. This makes the system unstable and hazardous for your workers. Maintain safety precautions and make your productivity more efficient.

Conveyor system

3. Flat belt conveyor

A flat belt conveyor is the most common type of conveyor belt you will find. You can see them in grocery stores, supermarkets, postal systems and airports. They help in the transportation of irregularly shaped objects like parcels, clothes, groceries, paper products. Again, this conveyor system allows the airport to transport your luggage across large distances effectively. Some airports even use this system to transport people over a distance inside the airport. Thus, you can utilise them to carry over heavy and irregular objects across a distance.

Most of the industries today have started using conveyer belts as it saves a lot of money in the future business. These are a few of the many variations of conveyor system belts that you can acquire for your industry. Hauling over large and heavy objects can slow down your production. Acquiring a conveyor belt will drastically reduce the time and boost your production.

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