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Why should you Hire different Plumber for Different Issues?

Did the title leave you in surprise? Don’t be!!! Often when we think about plumbing issues, we believe that hiring any plumber would do the job. But again, it is important to mention here that every plumber has a different role to play. Plumbing issues may vary from minor leakage to the main burst. Hence, you need an expert to take over the charge and work on it. Therefore, it is important to hire a specialist for this work. A plumbing expert knows what the right way would be to mend the problem in less time.

Types of plumbers based on job scale

We have divided different types of plumbers into three main categories.

  1. Commercial plumber
  2. Residential plumber
  3. Service and repair plumber


Commercial plumber– Firstly, these are qualified plumbing contractors who majorly work in large commercial settings. They can easily handle large scale public and industrial settings like big buildings, commercial complexes, schools, factories etc. They offer the following services:

  1. Installation of pipes
  2. Repair of pipes
  3. Other plumbing issues

While you may think that any plumbing contractor can do this job then it is not true. The fact of the matter is that any plumber might be able to complete the work as your requirement. , But they may not be able to do it more accurately. Therefore, it is important to hand over the work to a professionally qualified and trained commercial plumber.

Residential plumber– Similar to a commercial plumbing contractor, the residential plumbers also work on the plumbing issues in the residential setting. They also handle the work of installation and repair of pipes. These plumbing contractors gain expertise by training and working on apprenticeships. Thus, they initially work on new construction sites or house renovation. Thus, they are strictly involved in small-scale plumbing work.

Service and repair plumber- Thirdly. the next type of plumber is a service and repair plumber. As you can figure out from their name, these plumbers hold specialization in repair and maintenance work. They have received specialized training in fixing plumbing issues. Hence, they are experts at handling work like leakage, blocked drain cleaning, reduced water pressure and other plumbing issues. So, if you are facing any of these issues, you can easily connect with the service and repair plumber.

Finding the best plumber

These are the following ways that can help you find the best plumber for your requirement.

  • Count in the experience- It is important to choose an experienced professional for a partial job. They will guarantee quality work. Moreover, with their experience, it becomes easier for them to fix the plumbing issue with ease.
  • Check their licence- Plumbing contractors must have the licence to operate. The licence is only given to a plumber when they are qualified enough for this job. Hence, you must never miss checking this aspect.
  • Emergency services- Plumbing issues sometimes cannot be undermined. Thus, you may need immediate assistance. Hence, when you are looking for a plumbing contractor, make sure that you also enquire about emergency plumbing services. You must also ask about the charges for the same.
  • Keep a few names handy – Lastly, it is always good to have a few names handy with you. Make sure that you have 2-3 plumbers’ numbers handy with you so that you can connect with them and don’t have to wait for an appointment. At the same time, look for a plumber who is locally available; this will save your time.

Wrapping it up!!!

These are the basic pointers that you must take into account when looking for a plumber. Hiring an expert is always a good move. It will help you save both time and money.

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