How Does a Dog Day Care Work?

It is a short time care service for dogs that is provided during daytime. It is somewhat between pet sitting and kennel boarding. When the owners of the canine have a busy work schedule and can’t spend much time or cannot take appropriate care of the pets, they go for a dog day care service. Its concept is like the day care for children, which is often opted by busy working parents. It is a place where your dog can interact and socialise, learning skills and providing proper nourishment. A dog day care makes sure that the pet is kept occupied throughout the day.

What Is the History of The Establishment & Growth of The Concept And Industry Of Dog Day Care? 

The concept first came into practice in the United States and has marked its growth from 1990 onwards. It arose out of the traditional industry of kennel. Before World War II, dogs used to roam about and stay outdoors in the United States, but after the war, there came a wave of urbanisation when the dogs were kept as pets indoors. Another factor is that the children feel lonely as the parents are mostly working and rarely get quality time to spend with them. This gave rise to the importance to keep a pet at home to give the children healthy companionship. Yuppy Puppy Pet Care is the first dog day care located in New York, which was opened in 1987 by Joseph S. Sporn. 

What Kind of Environment Is Provided by The Dog Day Care to The Pets?

There are various kinds of services provided by a dog day care like:

  • Cage-Free Environment– Here, the dogs can freely roam around and play, which is supervised by well-trained staff.
  • Partial Cage-Free Environment– Here, the dogs play freely for a certain part of the day. In the other part of the day, they are caged.
  • Day Care Kennel– Here, the dogs are offered cages or runs where they are placed for the entire day.
  • Outside Environment– This facility allows the dogs to roam and play outdoors in an open environment.
  • Indoor Environment– Here, the dogs stay and play indoors only and are not allowed outdoors at all.

Services Provided by A Dog Day Care Which You Should Know Before Opting For It: 

  • Steps Taken to Prevent Diseases- Dog day care uses products that are specially cleaned and are designed specifically for canines. This, in turn, would prevent kennel cough and many other diseases which are contagious.
  • Dog Walking Services- Pet sitting services of a dog day care include dog walking, which keeps the pet healthy and active.

The owners can ask for extra services if they feel like which are as follows:

  • Baths with hydrotherapy
  • Facial scrubbing
  • Drying fur
  • Trimming nails
  • Cleaning ears
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Haircuts that are customised
  • Mud bathing
  • Dogspa

What Are the Criteria Followed by A Dog Day Care Company?

  • Every dog must have a C5 certificate of vaccination or above and spaying and neutering is a must. 
  • Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age to attend a dog day care.
  • As dog day care often has limited accommodation facilities (7-14 small to medium-sized dogs), it is important to get a booking well ahead to ensure the service.
  • Dogs must undergo regular flea treatment and worming treatment.
  • Dogs can be expelled from the day care anytime if they show excessive aggression towards other dogs or persons.
  • The dog day care must be informed if the dog is ill, and the dog is suggested to stay indoors at home for at least 7 days until the dog is back to its healthy being.
  • Owners must submit a signed application and return the medical release along with day care surrender 3 days before visiting the day care. The applications need to be approved by the authority first.

Then, what are you waiting for? Let your lovable pet grow healthier, smarter, and humanised by opting for a dog day care service while you are having a hectic day outside.

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