Cracked Windscreen

Why You Need to Get Rid of a Cracked Windscreen?

Windscreens on a vehicle are what your eyes are to your face. Imagine your vision blurring out while walking on a crowded street. Isn’t that a scary thought? Even if some matter smudges over your eye and you have a blind spot, you’d be very uncomfortable.

You may even stop whatever you’re doing no matter how important it is. That’s exactly how it is with windscreens that have a chip or crack and need immediate repair/ replacement. You may think that this sounds extreme but it really is true!

Your screen is like the pair of eyes for your vehicle. Even if one eye has a vision problem you’re in trouble. Just like that, even if the crack or chip is on one side of the screen, you can be sure that you’re going to have a difficulty. Most people think it unnecessary to visit a professional vehicle service center unless their screen is totally shattered. But that is the worst decision you could make.

How Many Things Could Go Wrong with a Chip or Crack in the Windscreen, You Ask? Here’s How Many:

  • Crack Takeover:

Yikes! As scary as it sounds that’s exactly what happens. Negligence of a crack or chip could lead to it spreading all over the windscreen. At that point it’s too late to do anything but go in for a complete screen replacement procedure. Taking immediate action might save you from having to shell out several more dollars.

  • Affected Vision:

As mentioned above, it is nearly impossible for the driver to be able to see the road, signals, passer-by’s and surrounding vehicles. Even if he is able to see these details he wouldn’t be able to do so without struggling.

Not having clear vision is indeed a serious problem for any driver. It is life-threatening for you and the people travelling in the vehicle along with you. You are also putting the lives of other commuters, in danger. Even if it is a small crack/chip, do not dismiss it. It could suddenly spread to become bigger in case of pressure caused while driving.


  • Destroys the Support:

What most people don’t realise is that the screen isn’t just for viewing the road while driving. Look carefully at the construction of a vehicle and see how the screen fits into that structure. Now look even more closely at the areas surrounding the windscreen and you will realise that it offers support to those areas.

To start with the screen supports the roof of the vehicle and shares some of its weight. If a crack or chip is not repaired these damages act like the weak spot of that support system. When you say no to getting a repair or replacement you are indirectly saying yes to your roof caving in or curving in.

Secondly, the windscreen is linked to the airbag functionality. If the windscreen is damaged and not taken care of, it could hamper the airbag from functioning at the time when it is most needed.

  • Search the internet:

Several people put off a repair or replacement for later on the basis of not knowing where to find a professional service center. Even if they happen to know one, they stop themselves because they question the credibility. But you don’t have to be one of those people. Smart, modern, responsible and proactive should define you as a car-owner.

Make use of the internet. You’ve got the ability to search using only your fingertips! Get on the internet to find vehicle windscreen repair or replacement centers in your area. Most centers will respond within a day and help you get that chip or crack fixed immediately.

Don’t wait a crack or a chip out by thinking you can get by. You wouldn’t want to pay with your life, would you? Contact a professional as soon as you spot the damage. You may have to spend an amount smaller than you estimated.

About the Author:

Justin Oakes and Darren Pay are co-owners of A1 Windscreen. The A1 Windscreens motto is all about offering you the most premium services in car windscreen replacement. If you ever have a windscreen chip or crack repair that needs to be taken care of, this is your most trusted bet.

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