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The Pros And Cons Of A Timesheet Machine

A timesheet was traditionally used to monitor the working hours of an employee. With the advancement in science and many new innovations, a traditional timesheet has now taken a digitalized form. Maintenance of paper sheets is not only cumbersome but also risky. Many fraudulent practices and errors can be found when a timesheet is not maintained properly.

To fight all these issues, you can install a timesheet machine in your office. With a digital or electronic timesheet machine, the chances of theft or damage are very rare. Each employee’s working hours, leaves and payrolls are securely stored in a timesheet machine. A perfect timesheet helps supervisors and managers to monitor the performance of their employees and thereby increase the productivity of the firm.  Apart from that, you can consider a digitalized timesheet during the promotion of an employee and you can share such information with your seniors if needed.

The pros of a timesheet machine:

  • A timesheet machine can save your time and you do not need to calculate the hours or attendance of your employees manually. With the latest software systems, information of employees ranging from working hours to payroll can be stored in a timesheet machine. This will automate everything and the monotony of maintaining manual timesheets will be solved. Everything will be organized automatically.
  • With an automated timesheet, it becomes easier to maintain and monitor employee productivity in important projects. You can schedule a task or project on the timesheet machine and assign that work to your team. They will automatically get the details of the project through the central server and complete the project within the timeline.
  • A timesheet machine enhances accuracy as storage of information becomes customized. The chances of making errors while data entry become rare.
    timesheet machine
    timesheet machine
  • A timesheet machine decreases the administrative burden. If your timesheet software includes everything from payroll to work hours, you will save a lot of time and energy to invest in other important ventures.
  • In companies where labours are paid on hourly basis, a timesheet machine is very beneficial for them. They get automated calculation and do not have to go through the ordeal of hectic calculations.
  • The timesheet machine also keeps track of the total number of labours. As a result, the distribution of work among the labours becomes very easy. A timesheet machine is very effective for monitoring factory and construction site workers.
  • A company can receive correct and updated invoices through a timesheet machine which is not possible manually. Manual timesheets can result in errors which are not possible in a machine. As a result, the company’s revenue increases.

Cons of a timesheet machine:

  • The chances of errors are very rare in a digital or electronic timesheet machine as all the documents are secured and stored properly. But sometimes errors can occur because all the inputs are fitted into the machine by a human being who can commit errors. Sometimes fraudulent employees can commit errors purposely or may delete some important documents. Therefore, it is advisable to keep backup ready for such situations.
  • Sometimes the morale and accountability of an employee may get affected through a timesheet machine because he might think that you do not believe in his hard work. As an owner or a manager, you have to be extra cautious to keep the morale of your employees upright.

The above article is an insight into a timesheet machine and its several pros and cons. If you are planning to buy a digital or an electronic timesheet machine, you can go through the article. The article also gives an idea of two other types of tracking devices.

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