Auto Sliding Gate Kits
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An Introduction to Auto Sliding Gate Kit

The auto sliding gate kit helps us to prevent the entry of intruders near our premises. This mechanism provides high security with the usage of modern technology. It provides security for private and industrial applications. The sophisticated control system is maintained with the help of active and passive devices based on the requirements of the user. It is important to know the purpose and the right places where these can be used.

The design of the security systems is made after considering customer requirements. The bearings connected to the gear to move along the rails are made sure that it has high durability suiting the heavy operation. These auto sliding gates kit are highly suitable for the industrial applications, and it has certain features that made it recognized among the other sliding gates. It consumes only less power for the operation with automated operation. The installation of these auto sliding gate kits is secure and has perfect maintenance.

Features of Auto Sliding Gate kits

Some of the features which these gates have:

  • The gate has an adjustable mechanical clutch that would allow the quiet operation and the required thrust.
  • The electromechanical units used in this auto sliding gate kit are irreparable; so that the security can be ensured as the gate is securely locked.
  • A passkey operation is available for the release for the manual operation mode if there is a case of power failure.
  • The lock is made secured with precise electronic systems, which has inbuilt timers that help the motor to work accurately.
  • Safety accessories like the magnetic card, optical beam sensors, and many other components are used here to provide more security with the help of an electronic control panel.

The things to be taken care of while selecting the auto sliding gate kits:

Security is an important concern of most people, so ensuring that the materials used should be of superior quality. The excellent work without causing any mistakes, the gate with longer life and maintenance, powder coat finish and electrophoresis are required for getting a high-quality auto sliding gate kits fixed up for our requirements. According to the change in applications, there will be slight variations in the parameters considered as standard. The security gates used for private needs will not be sufficient for heavy-duty applications. The gates operate at normal voltage and have the perfect operation speed. The power rating of the gate is mentioned as 60 watts with high motor power.

The main attraction of the auto sliding gate kit is that they are easy to install, maintain as well as operate. The kit should provide the smooth movement of the gate and have high performance. These gates are user-friendly with a wide range of operations. The main safety components in the kit are motor, frequency card, antenna, radio remote and a pair of safety photocells. The gates operate consuming less power, which helps you to keep away the worry regarding electricity use. This is extremely easy to use and functional.

Auto Sliding Gate Kits
Auto Sliding Gate Kits

Security threats are increasing day by day, not only for industrial premises but for private places also. It is needed to be connected with the latest technology to ensure the safety of the people in that area. The auto sliding gate kit raises its importance in this scenario. It uses safety components and electronic control panel for doing the work according to customer satisfaction. This operates using a remote which has a wider range and goes to manual handling mode if the power goes off. Such modern technique sliding gates will prevent the intrusion of unauthorized people and alerts the user about this visit.

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