Dental Fields You Can Specialize In Banyo

When deciding to become a Geebung dentist there are many fields that you can specialize in.  The most common job is the dentist that drills cavities and cleans your teeth but there are other fields that you can specialize in.  To become a dentist it takes four years of dental school and when specializing they need to complete a residency, which is another two to three years.


In this specialty, this dentist will specialize in problems with the inside of your tooth.  This is called the pulp, which consists of the other soft tissues, nerves, and other blood vessels.  One common procedure they do is a root canal.  In this procedure, it involves removing the infected pulp from your tooth and then sealing it up.  This Nudgee dentist performs other services, which can include:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Replace or replant teeth that have been extracted or knocked out
  • Diagnose and treat problems with the roots of your teeth

If the Endodontist has hospital privileges they may go to the hospital to exam a patient with facial and dental trauma.  When choosing this specialty it will allow you to offer more services to their patients.


This dentist works to correct or prevent misaligned jaws and teeth.  Some patients will seek an orthodontist’s services for cosmetic reasons.  Misaligned teeth cannot not only cause a person to have low self-esteem but can also affect their ability to speak or chew.  If the jaw and teeth are severely misaligned it can cause breathing problems, such as sleep apnea or snoring.  They also help to correct the jaws and teeth of babies that are born with cleft palates or lips. If a child is examined by an orthodontist before all their permanent teeth come in they can help to prevent dental irregularities.


This Geebung dentist is the one that specializes in degeneration and gum disease.  Approximately seventy-five percent of tooth loss is due to gum disease.  If gum disease is caught early the periodontist will generally use root-planning and dental scaling to remove the plaque from the roots of your teeth.  They then smooth over the roots of your teeth to proven bacteria from growing.  They can also do various surgical procedures if gum disease is advanced.  In this field, they are also skilled in doing dental implants.


This dentist specializes in caring for the dental needs of children under the age of eighteen.  One of the reasons that a parent would take their child to a pedodontist is that they have some special dental needs due to the fact they are still growing.  This means that their mouth is still actively developing.  When a child loses their baby teeth and develops their permanent teeth this dentist can help to ensure that they keep their permanent teeth for life.  A pedodontist can do routine dental cleanings, dental exams, and recommendations to a dentist who can provide them with orthopedic care if their jaws or teeth are developing abnormally.  A big part of this practice is preventive care to help prevent dental problems in the future. The dentist will provide dental education to the children so they can learn how to care for their gums and teeth.

Family dentist

A family dentist will provide basic dental care for patients of any age.  They can provide services from routine checkups to emergency dental care.  This Nudgee dentist works with established and new patients to help them manage their dental care.  Part of their job includes routine cleanings and examinations.  They will also address any emerging dental diseases and recommend them to the right specialist to take care of the problem.  If the patient has chronic dental problems they may need closer monitoring and care to make sure that the problems are kept under control.

Some family dentist may also offer cosmetic dentistry.  Although they can do basic oral health treatment like filling cavities they may recommend then to an orthodontist if the patient needs braces or complex maxillofacial or oral surgery. A patient can see this dentist for their entire life, from infancy

Forensic dentist

If you are interested in mysteries and crime and want to help solve them, then this specialty is for you.  They are the one that examines dental evidence.  The evidence can be used to determine the details of a crime, like assault or murder.  In this field, you would study the teeth that are found in skeletal remains to identify the body.  You may also examine bite marks on a victim in order to match the teeth marks to one that is accused of the crime.  These bite marks are unique to an individual like fingerprints are.  Even if they cannot identify the body a forensic dentist can examine the teeth and discover a lot about the deceased.  This can include the gender and age of the person.  Sometimes it can even tell the ethnicity of the body.  The bite marks can be used to try to get a saliva sample to try and help the police to get a DNA profile.  In addition, the forensic dentist is responsible for taking pictures of the bite marks to be used as evidence if necessary.

In conclusion

As you can see there are many different Geebung dentist specialties that you can pursue if you decide that dentistry is your career field.  In addition to these fields, there are also others so you have many to choose from.

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