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Various Types of Skip Bin Hire

We all love to live in a clean environment, but at the same time, you must know that it requires the effort of every individual. One of the ways to achieve the same is disposing of the waste rightly. Skip bin hire is a process where you hire bin services of a company which ensures clearing the waste and disposing them at the right place.

Hiring skip bin is a feasible choice, you don’t always need to install one such bin in your premises, instead of hiring them is a cost-effective service. It lets you keep the environment clean without disturbing your neighbors. There are various sizes of skip bin available in the market, you can choose the one based on your requirement. Similar to size, there are other bifurcations of the skip bin that gives you a gamut of choices.

But besides this, the choice of kinds of skip bin hire is quite confusing. The following ideas will help you to get rid of this confusion.

Placing the skip bin is also an important task, you cannot simply put it on the road or the footpath. You must take proper permit for the same. If you don’t have the place to accommodate skip bin, its important that you intimate the skip bin company. A professional company will take permission from the authorities to place it by the roadside. But again, it needs to be removed in a certain time frame.

What kinds of skip bins are offered?

The kind of bin you select depends on the kind of garbage you are dumping of. If you have heavy material like solid, then you have to select a special skip bin hire that is suitable for weight. Let’s know what kind of garbage you are leaving while lighting your skip bins. There are four kinds of styles of defaults tray:

  • Marrell skip bins: Marrell skip bins have the knack to contain both light and weighty material, but they have a higher sidewall which makes the access to this bin a bit difficult. A Marrell bin is ideal for domestic use because they are usually smaller and can be easily placed on the street. Compared to the hook hanging compartment, Marrell can fit in small spaces, such as the entrance and the places where space is restricted. Some Marrell skip bins come with side barrow doors, making it easy to stack your heavy domestic wastes. The ideal size of the skip bin ranges between from 1.5m³ and 17m³.
  • Hook bins: Hook skip bins are large skip bins and are also known as walk-in bins. These are suitable for a large number of light wastes. A skip bin of hook is ideal for large commercial and DIY projects. There is a rear door on the backdoor for easy loading in all the hooks. It offers walk-in access to the skip.
  • Site skip bins: Site skip bins are used for lightweight or portable materials. They are usually used by builders and on large scale production sites.
  • Mobile Skip Bins: These are the new entrants which are smaller than hook bins and marrel bins. They are also sometimes referred to as mini skip bin. The size of this bin ranges between 3m³ to 6m³, you generally don’t need a permit for a mobile skip bin.


Now that you know about the different options of skip bins, you can go ahead with bin hire services. These will help you keep the environment clean and also dispose of the waste in the right manner.

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