Factors to Consider When Buying Massage Table Sales

Looking to save money on your purchase of massage tables? You may look for table sales to save a huge amount of money. But, there will be hundreds of tables for you to consider. With the influx of Chinese tables, it is even more difficult to buy a suitable table. Now there are many online choices that you can get from an online market. You can get add-ons like cradles, handles bags and resting pouches along with the table.

How Can These Tables Be Used in Spas?

If you are the owner of a spa, the success of your business relies on the kind of professionals who are there and the furniture pieces. Budget will not be a concern if you are buying a massage table from table sales. Other factors play a significant role.

Consider the Width of The Massage Table

You might feel that you should settle for the widest of massage tables but this is not applicable all the time. The width of the table should be such that it is accessible and comfortable for the client. It must be comfortable for the therapist as well and should be portable. However, a narrow table will give you better access to the client. But, if the table is excessively wide, it might make things difficult for you. Choose the table width which is ideal for you and the client.

What Height of Table to Choose

The height of the table is also an important factor. The height of the table can be between 24 and 36 inches. Choose a table with standard height for that can allow a practitioner to perform a variety of massages. The therapist may practice various kinds of massage modalities, physical therapies, facials, acupuncture or other services. The height of the table can be as per the height of the practitioner. It may reach out to your hip joint.

Take into Consideration the Foam Density

The thickness of the foam and padding is an equally important consideration. Proper foam density determines the durability and comfort level of the user. The thickness of the padding can be around 2- 3inches and so on. Anything between 2-3 inches will provide comfort to the user.

The Availability of Access Panels

Access panels are just like support braces to connect the legs of the table to the end of the massage tables. Go for easy access panels shaped in ‘U’. This way you may get closer to the client and place your legs on the access panel. You can go for wooden panels or go for pvc or plastic foldable tables whose height can be adjusted and that provides you ergonomic design and superior comfort.

The Brand of Table

If the table is available at a heavy discount, it does not mean you ignore the brand. Choose a table of some reliable brand for it is necessary. The kind of massage table you choose determines the experience your client has. Don’t look for cheap tables for you can’t risk the clients’ safety.

Consider the Frame of The Table

The frame of the table may be metal or wood. Popular tables carry wooden frames. They also have much better esthetic appeal while the price is also less. You can get customized versions also if you like. Try to choose a table that is made up of oil and water-proof PU leather and high density padding made of foam. Thicker front and back plates along with adjustable aluminum face cradle which can be the best option for all your staying needs.

Now there are many massage tables that are available online on sales and discounts. Hardwood corner blocks can be maintained easily and you can go for buying these tables on sale.

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