Optometry Services

Everything You Need To Know About Optometry Services

Every patient who visits a qualified optometrist has the right to get the high quality treatment from them. However, during first visit, it’s common for patients to have several questions in their mind, such as what should be expected from the appointment or the information that you must provide to the doctor for accurate examination and more. People get confused about the optometry services and they need right treatment for their eyes. So in this case, here you can find some FAQ that can help you to understand about optometry services in details. 

Optometry Services
Optometry Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Optometry Services

Here are the top four common questions that people have in their mind when they decide to go with optometry services:

  1. What is the difference between ophthalmologist and optometrist?: Optometrist is a qualified doctor of optometry and can diagnose, treat and prevent various eye disorders and diseases. The optometrist can even prescribe drugs for curing a various eye conditions. While on the other hand, ophthalmologists are specialized doctors who have the right to perform surgeries and even provide ocular-visual assessment. The optician is the one who can prescribe you proper eyeglasses or contact lenses. So first you need to decide that what kind of services you want and then you can consult with an optometry service accordingly.
  1. Why do optometrists make use of eye drops every now and then?: In certain examinations, you will find that optometrists tend to use eye drops every now and then. The basic purpose of this is to dilate the pupils, allowing the doctors to have a better & clear view of the overall eye. When used, the drops make the eyes sensitive to light and a bit blurry which often turns back to normal right after the examination is done. There are eye drops that tend to relax the focus of eyes and these are able to measure the far-sightedness of the eyes more accurately. Other than that, anesthetize drops are also used in optometry services, particularly when an instrument will be used for examine the eyes. So not worry about such services and always avail optometry services from reliable eye clinics because they have the best doctors in their team and they can provide you quality treatment for your eyes. 
  1. What is the air-puff method that most of optometrists use?: A common part of optometry services is the “air puff” method called as non-contact tonometry (NCT) test. This test provides an accurate value of the different fluids that are present in the eye. This information can be crucial to detect medical conditions like glaucoma or whether there is a risk of developing any other disorder or not.
  1. How to know whether you are getting the best optometry services or not?: The optometrists are trained and regulated professionals who demonstrate the required skill, competence and experience for maintaining the expected standards. Complete examination of the kind of eye care that you get must be based on the following aspects:
  • Visual acuity measurement remains 20/20
  • Healthy medical history of eyes and vision
  • Determination of how eyes are able to adjust the focus in different distance
  • Diagnosis from the results that are obtained after eye examination
  • Recommendations about any kind of treatment or optometry services that will be useful
  • Provision of a treatment plan or prescription
Optometry Services
Optometry Services

Hence, keep the aforementioned aspects in your mind and look around for the best optometry services, as your eyes will always thank you for the same. Today you can also find some optometry clinics online and you can easily fix an appointment on their official website.

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