The significance of making workplace suitable for differently abled individuals

Disability is a term which is used to denote one or multiple types of difficulties which a person faces. The term disabled applies to a wide range of issues that include physical, developmental, cognitive and psychological problems that disrupt the ability to function conveniently. Differently abled is a euphemistic term to denote the people who suffer from one or more disabilities.

The inclusivity required in a healthy workplace culture

It is true that disabled individuals are often discriminated against people who don’t have any disability. The main thing that stalls the process of employment of disabled individuals is the issue of productivity. It is considered that disabled individuals won’t be able to contribute equally in a workplace. However, policies and laws are being framed for enabling disable individuals to have their fair share in the workplace area. The presence of people from different spheres of life and people having disabilities will make the work environment an inclusive one which will promote greater productivity.

The need for understanding the term disability and its implication

Whenever the term disability is used people make the impression that the person is unable to do certain things but what is not thought about is that in life no individual is capable of doing everything. Each and every person has some skills which are used for doing something productive. In an organization, all the individuals are not engaged for doing the same kind of work. Different positions require different skill sets and all employees cannot possess all the skills needed for running the organization smoothly.

The wrong concept of belittling the ability of disabled people needs to be eradicated, and the term should be understood fully before making biased and wrong conclusions. Disability of a person has to be specifically viewed, and then a job role can be assigned to him/her. For instance, a desk job doesn’t require a person to move a lot, so if a person cannot walk then, that does not mean that he/she can’t work on a computer in the cubicle of the office.

Making the disability less pronounced by using suitable enhancements

There is a tendency of normal people to alienate the disabled individuals as a marginalized section of society. This tendency is the main problem because it creates bitterness in human relationships. There is no need to harp on the disability of a person unnecessarily. It is important to remember that even the disabled individual is a human being who has dignity and self-esteem. Therefore instead of projecting the problem that is caused by the disability, it is important to seek out disability friendly medical aids which will help the person to work smoothly along with his/her disability.

The medical aids that are present are mostly made for handling physical incapacities and enable a person to move freely without assistance. These devices can be purchased from quality stores and can be used for reducing the effect of the disability. Some well-known medical devices present for dealing with the problem of physical disability are mentioned below:

  • Electronically charged wheelchairs: These devices are made in such a way so that the hand or even fingers can be used for maneuvering the vehicle. These wheelchairs are battery operated and therefore can be charged to keep the wheelchair movable for a long time. There different models of battery-operated wheelchairs. The size and shape of the wheelchair are made to support the spine and head. The extent of physical disability will also determine the design of the chair, but all the designs are made in such a way so that the person can comfortably sit in a wheelchair for hours. The support system and maneuvering options are designed in such a way so that minimal physical movement is required for moving the chair. The disabled person can also use a wheelchair to move outside without any assistance. Drivers of buses and other public means of transport are legally instructed to help a disabled person to board a vehicle.
  • Portable and lightweight chairs: While traveling from one place to another disabled people need to carry portable devices that will help them to move freely. Therefore the chairs are made in such a way so that it can be easily folded and fitted inside a suitcase. The weight of such chairs is also kept as light as possible.  Heavyweight chairs will be difficult to carry and also maneuver so lightweight models having great strength are manufactured so that disabled people don’t have to worry about difficulties in transporting wheelchairs.
  • Hearing aids and walking sticks: Individuals suffering from vision or hearing problems also have the option of acquiring hearing aids for ensuring proper hearing. There are also cochlear implants that have proved beneficial for people who suffered from complete auditory impairment. Walking sticks are designed in a sleek and foldable manner so that people who are blind can walk alone. In some cases of blindness, certain surgical techniques along with the aid of suitable lenses have been useful in restoring vision to a certain extent.

The maintenance of facilities which are suitable for disabled individuals

It is true that the presence of multiple medical devices and the invention of newer models are making the lives of people who are facing physical or other disability a bit easier, but all disabilities do not have medical devices that will aid them in overcoming the disability. Washrooms and sitting areas have to be built in such a manner so that even disabled people can easily access those areas. Traveling on wheelchairs is fine but at the same time action has to be taken for making the entrances and exits in different places disabled friendly. The construction of ramps is one such important factor that will greatly reduce traveling problems for disabled people.

Therefore delineating disabled people as underproductive individuals is a huge misappropriation. If a person who is suffering from a particular physical disability has the required skill set needed for a specific job in an industry, then there is no problem in hiring that person.

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