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Plantation Shutters Maintaining Privacy While Letting Life In

Old is certainly gold, Plantation shutters are not a product of modern architecture but have been a creation led by need. These shutters as the name suggests were put in homes in South America where the climate was hot and humid. The scientific yet simple design of these shutters with shaft and crossbar, restricted excessive heating and let in enough air to make the interiors comfortable.

Choosing Plantation Shutters Over Conventional Blinds

Plantation shutters are wooden structures with large shafts in the shutter. These shafts can be lowered or fully opened according to the convenience. These features make a shutter a very flexible option and create a sure shot feeling of exclusivity.

  • The wooden shutters are definitely a niche above the blinds and curtains, as they are a rare luxury which not everyone can afford. They make their owners feel the pride of ownership.
  • These shutters are a user-friendly option. A little nudge of hand and the shafts open up, ventilating the place and pouring in light at desired angles.
  • When the window is open these shutters can control the amount of sunshine which enters the premise. They prevent the place from overheating, while no compromise is made in receiving refreshing breeze of air. Such an option is not available in a blind.
  • Cleaning a curtain involves a great deal of task. But a wooden shutter just needs a little wiping on the edges and the openings with a damp cloth and voila! It is as good as new.
  • Plantation shutters are generally mounted in the wall and thus do not take any extra space, making the premise look bigger. This is certainly better than the yards of fabric dangling in the house.
  • One can get the advantage of letting in fresh air, soothing sunlight and keeping the prying eyes of the bay. A blind on the other hand can compromise on one or other aspect.
  •  Wooden shutters are a more durable and lasting option, as once put they do not need a change for decades together. Whereas a blind or a curtain has a smaller life.

A Perfect Value for Money

People would think twice before zeroing in on to the plantation shutter owing to their high prices. But they amortize fully every penny spent on them.

  • The shutters blend perfectly well with a conventional, modern or a chic interior design. Thus, once put one does not have to change them even if the house is going under interior transformation. It can be used for substantial savings.
  • The ability of plantation shutters to filter in just the right amount of sun rays in the house, at desired angles prevents the furniture and other expensive decorative pieces from getting spoilt due to heat.
  • The cooling systems work with more efficiency and energy is saved in houses with wooden shutters, as this design does not let the premise become too hot. Money saved is money earned.
  • The shutters have a great aesthetic appeal and are equally purposeful. These factors add a lot to the value of the house and are taken into consideration by a prospective buyer in case of a resale.
  • Since with wooden shutters there is a good inflow and outflow of air and light, the residents enjoy the benefit of physical and mental wellbeing. Thus, reducing the medical bills.


Plantations shutters are the way to go if you want to create an enthralling charm to your interior design and make your exterior look equally scintillating. The health benefits and the flexibility which these scientifically crafted pieces bestow on us make them a perfect choice for our windows.

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