A Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying, Preventing and Controlling Possums

Australia is home to three types of possums – the Ringtail possum and the two species of Brushtail possum. When you see a group of them, you will most likely find them cute and adorable. But these furry critters can be a nuisance to your property because of the dangers they can bring to you and your home.

Use this guide to identify, prevent and control possums in your property.

Identifying a Possum

Possums are the same size as domestic cats. They are nocturnal, looking for food by crossing through the treetops and across your roof. The Brushtail possum has long rounded ears, a pointed face, a pink nose, and a bushy black tail.

You will know that a possum has entered your home, and not a rat or mice, because these are quite larger. And instead of scurrying, they thumb around when they’re walking. Also, they make different types of noises, such as hisses, coughs and clicks.

Moreover, possums are territorial. They urinate on a spot to claim it as their own. So if you see urination down your walls, this indicates that you have possums living with you.

The Dangers of Possums

●       Physical Threats

Possums prefer not to be seen by both humans and pets, and so they either climb up the trees or stay hidden. Sometimes, they even play dead.

Possums are quiet.  But once threatened, they will defend themselves. Be careful when dealing with these creatures because they are dangerous. Aside from sharp teeth, they also have sharp claws that can rip the bark off trees.

●       Damage to Your Property

Possums can chew their way inside your home, causing severe damage to your property. They can make holes in your fences, walls, or screens as well as break ductworks. Also, they will make your yard look messy by scattering your rubbish.

●       Health Issues

Rabies is not a concern because they are resistant to it. What’s alarming is the fact that they carry several parasites. Also, they can spread diseases that are transmitted by ticks and fleas. What’s more, their droppings pose health risks.

4 Tips for Keeping Possums Out of Your Property

Keep possums away from your property to prevent these dangers. Here are four ways to do so.

1. Don’t expose possible food sources

Tasty treats will provoke possums to enter your property. Thus, you must keep pet food in sealed containers and avoid leaving those left by your pets exposed outdoors at night. Also, clear away any food leftovers and rotting fruits or vegetables. Don’t give them any access to anything edible.

2. Maintain a clean yard

Possums are deterred by clean and tidy spaces. Thus, maintaining cleanliness is the best way to prevent them from entering your property. Aside from keeping your yard clean, make sure also to wash your rubbish bins regularly to get rid of the smell that possums find attractive.

3. Eradicate all possible shelters

Possums, especially those with babies, look not only for food but also for shelter. So avoid keeping paper stacks, dry leaves, and wood piles anywhere inside your property. This offers a lodging for different pests, including possums.

4. Adhere to regular property inspection

Letting professionals inspect your property on a regular basis will help identify potential entry points for wild animals. This is the best way to determine if your property, from the ground to the roof, is still intact. With a property inspection service, any pest infestation will be identified and dealt with properly before they can cause costly damages.

Getting Rid of Possums

In Australia, possums are protected under legislation. This means that these wild animals must be safely removed from your property. This can be done by trapping them and relocating them to a more suitable location. If you are not capable of doing this, investing in a possum removal service is your only option.

Experts in possum removal in Brisbane can help you; they can safely catch possums on your behalf. But remember that according to the law, trapped possums can be released within 50m of your property. With that said, the problem can only be resolved if you make sure that all potential entry points are completely and safely sealed. Apart from keeping possums out, this will also prevent other pests like mice, rats, and snakes from entering your property so you and your family can live peacefully.

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