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Avail Knowledge on Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet works by utilizing the force of stream water. The waterjet cutting services include the cutting of various materials with a great finish. The materials can really vary from paper to titanium. The invention of industrial Waterjet cutting was done during the 1960s by the WJTA Pioneer Award winner Norman Charles Franz. Though the use of water for cutting soft materials started much earlier initially it was low-pressure Waterjet system. Then gradually the system evolved and came to the improved and more efficient Waterjet cutting system which uses the high-pressure water to give a perfect finish to the cutting.

The Components of Modern Waterjet Cutting System:

The waterjet cutting services are provided by the experts in this field. This system includes components like High-Pressure Pump, Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle, Articulated Cutting Head, Catcher Tank, Abrasive Hopper, PC-based Controller, and last but not the least X-Y Traverse System. Now we will discuss the components in brief and how they actually work:

1. High-pressure Pump – The pump performs the basic but the main function of the Waterjet cutting services by generating the flow of water so that the pressure of it can be used for cutting various objects.

2. Articulated Cutting Head – This is basically a computer-based multi-axis cutting head which is used for angled cuts and minimizing taper for vertical cuts. This is an add-on option which can be opted as per convenience and need of the user.

3. Abrasive waterjet nozzle – While providing the waterjet cutting services, the abrasive nozzle is used to pressurize water so that it passes through a small orifice and form a jet of water. Thereafter it passes through a section where granular abrasive is added into the water stream. Later the entire mixture goes through a ceramic mixing tube. Finally, the water and the particles pick up the speed and become ready for exit.

4. Catcher tank – Soon after the cutting of the material, the catcher tank dissipates the energy of the water.

5. Abrasive Hopper – This is used to control the flow of the abrasive granules through the nozzle.

6. X-Y Traverse System – In order to create the required cutting path, the nozzle needs to be moved properly and for serving this purpose X-Y Traverse System is used by the workmen offering waterjet cutting services.

7. PC based controller –The modern waterjet systems are mainly PC based. They help in the cutting of accurate parts much more easily.

Things to Look While Opting to Buy Waterjet Cutting Machine:

As earlier mentioned, a waterjet cutting machine can do marvelous jobs for you. It can cut any kind of soft or hard material with a superb finish. Though all the waterjets are not the same and they don’t have the capacity to perform the same kind of task. So, when you are planning to buy a waterjet cutting machine or asking someone to offer you the waterjet cutting services, the following things are to be considered:

1. Service, support and commitment: Look into the most important facts if the company from where you are buying the waterjet cutting device or planning to get waterjet cutting services is providing with the required service and support or not. 

2. Materials that can be applied: Check if all kinds of materials can be cut through the waterjet cutting device. 

3. Environmental consideration: It has to be seen if the waterjet cutting machine is environmentally friendly or not. 

4. Operating and maintenance cost- The operating and maintenance cost of the device is also to be looked at. 

5. Look for the market prices before buying or asking for services – Compare the market price of the waterjet cutting services and then avail which one is more pocket-friendly. 

6. Proper documentation – See if the company is offering proper documentation while selling a waterjet cutting machine or providing cutting service. Otherwise, you might end up in having trouble.

At the end, it can be said that doesn’t look for the cheap waterjet cutting services as you might end up in fooling and disappointing yourself. If you invest in buying quality services this will surely be a good investment.

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