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Pests and The Means to Control Them: Learn the Ways

Pest control is the process of minimizing or removing a broad array of insects and other pests from spaces used by people. Controlling pests usually involves the use of an insecticide to avoid them from entering the area, and also to destroy any pests that have already established a presence within the space.

What are the Different Pest Control Methods? 

  1. Biological pest control is a method used for controlling pest such as insects and mites by the introduction of other organisms.
  2. Cultural control or mechanical pest control.
  3. Trap cropping is where a particular type of crop that attracts pests and diverse them from the nearby crops are used.
  4. Pesticides.

How Does A Pest Make Its Way into Our Homes and Cities? 

At times we find many unwanted animals visiting cities and making new homes in the residential buildings, industrial areas and on frequently used places. These unwelcomed creatures many a time contaminate foods, chew through furniture and fabrics, damage useful stuff. Some of these creatures carry diseases which are hazardous to health. Pest control is a key measure that should be taken. These measures may be improving sanitation, modifying the habitat, using repellants, garbage control, baits, pesticides, growth regulations.

Methods Involved in Controlling Pests in Localities, Homes and Cities

Pest control methods which shall be followed when in the home or urban areas are –

a) Physical Pest Control:

This is such a method which involves trapping or killing pests like rats and insects. These methods are usually used to protect crops. However, sometimes they can be even used in homes.

b) Poisoned Bait: –

Here the basic granules or some other formulation are used as an attractant for pest control. Baits contain the molluscicide metaldehyde which is exclusively for slugs and snails and is dangerous to children and pets.

c) Fumigation: –

The Process of sealing or surrounding a structure with an airtight cover such as tent and fogging with liquid insecticide to kill pests such as wood-boring beetles.

d) Sterilization: –

This is done by the mass rearing of a pest by means of x-rays or some other means and then releasing it into a wide population which helps in pest control.

Tips to Keep in Mind to Keep Pests Away from Home

– Spring Cleaning

– Trimming trees and shrubs

– Careful inspection and sealing of any holes, cracks, etc.

There are Many Other Insects, Pests Which Can Be Found in Your House 

  • To repel moths- You can make sachets using bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, eucalyptus leaves, lavender, and peppercorns. Place the sachets in your house affected by moths. It will the restrict them.
  • Lemon peels upon dried can be hanged in the closet in a cheesecloth to restrict their entry.
  • You can use wood ash to control slug
  • You can use hedge apple to control the entry and movement of crickets and spiders.
  • Earwigs- To trap them, you can spray a newspaper with water. Now, roll it up loosely and secure it with a string. Place it on the floor where earwigs’ movement is high. Next morning just pick up and throw the paper in a sealed container. The earwigs get trapped in the paper overnight.


Pest control is an essential element for the proper maintenance of home to keep pests away. Contacting pest control services shall definitely help to keep the home safe. Hence, consideration of all the aforementioned points may help you in improvement in the home regarding pests.

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