Roof Anchor Safety

Roof Anchor System- Uses And Benefits Which Are Derived From Them For Workmen’s Safety

Working on the rooftops can be a dangerous task. That is why the workers who work on the roof of a building try to take the maximum safety measures in order to prevent any unfortunate event. In most of the cold countries, the rooftops are sloping downwards on both the side right from the middle. That is why the renovation and maintenance work of these roofs is a real hectic task.

Only professionals are capable of doing such a task as they are highly trained and experienced in this field. These professional roof menders take maximum safety measures like they wear a harness and always carry a protection kit like padded jackets, knee -elbow pads and glasses.

Roof Anchor Points
Roof Anchor Points

Why Roof Anchor System?

The biggest challenge for a roof worker is to manage to balance his body on the rooftop and work at the same time. Therefore, in earlier days there were hardly any men who were ready to mend broken roofs as this was a high-risk profession. To prevent a worker from facing any sort of difficulty a new safety system has been developed these days which is called roof anchor system. These roof anchor systems are anchors made out of hard steel and it contains various hooks.

These anchors are fixed firmly on the rooftops during construction and when these roofs demand a repair then a worker can hook one end of his harness to the roof anchor system.

How to Choose the Correct Point to Fix the Anchor?

These anchors are not easily installed on the roof. Instead, these require a complex system of installation which can be carried out only by a professional. An expert of the anchor system decides the place where it is to be fixed so that it can be easily accessible from any side of the roof. During the time of work, the workers tie one end of their harness to these anchors which allows them to work fearlessly.

Surface Mount Anchor Points and Concrete Mount Anchor Points

These are the two types of anchors which are usually installed on the roof anchor system. The surface mount anchor points are usually installed on smaller buildings with low height. But on the other hand, concrete mount anchor points are installed on high buildings which require bearing more weight on them. Concrete mount anchor points are a little expensive but considering the amount of safety that it provides to the workers, it is perfect for the use.

Need and Benefits of Roof Anchor System

The need of these systems is important during the construction of a building as the laborers need to understand that they work in a danger-free zone. This is the reason that these roof anchor systems are installed as it gives a sense of security and safety to the laborers which increase their work efficiency.

The benefits derived from installing roof anchor system are endless to the owners as well. In most of the cases where an accident has occurred on the construction site, the owner company has been found liable to pay for the compensation which is extremely high. This is the reason building owners install these anchors on the roof so that the workmen are safe, and they work efficiently. Another advantage of such system that it is a permanent installation which means once these anchors are installed on the roof it gives easy access to laborers when they come to repair the roof in future. Roof anchors are the call these days. you would not want any laborer to get hurt during construction unnecessarily.

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