Fire Safety

Save Lives First In Case Of Fire

Fire can be a difficult thing to face and most people find it impossible to remain calm and are more likely to panic. If you are one of the sensible people who has had fire alarm systems installed in the home, help can be close at hand. If you do have a fire extinguisher close at hand, try to use it on the source of the flame.

What to do in the event of fire? Never try to be a hero. One of the first things you must do is to get children and the elderly, and in fact, all members of the family, away from the fire and evacuated to a place of safety. Switch off power, especially if the fire has been caused by any appliances. This can remove the cause of the fire and allow you to control things easily. Make sure that you know the location of the fire exits if you are staying in an apartment building.

Any fire alarm system needs proper maintenance and it can always help if you have your family go through a fire drill once every couple of months so that everybody knows what is to be done in the case of a fire. This drill can also help you to ensure that the alarm systems are in working order. Have police and fire station numbers on speed dial and listed prominently so that any member of the family can make a call for help.

Fires that are blocking your way can prevent you from reaching an exit. Aim your fire extinguisher or any other means to extinguish fires at the base of the fire. Wet pieces of cloth and make sure that everyone breathes through the dampness. Open up windows as this can help you to call for help as well as give you some fresh air.   Make sure that you have gathered around all the people in your home, even visitors and pets. Proceed towards doors and exits in an orderly manner, giving preference to children and the older members of the family. If there are smoke and other fumes, it may help to crawl towards doors and exits, as the smoke has a tendency to rise up in the air.

Once you are out of the home and in a safe place, you can then think of other things like insurance and a place to spend the time in while your home is in danger.

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