Fingerprint Time Clocks

Why Fingerprint Time Clocks are Excellent Devices?

Mutual trust and cooperation are the manifold pillars of each relation. The relationship between an employee and an employer is of no exception. The contemporary age does not only rely on verbal trust or interdependence there are many more issues that are needed to be taken into account. The efficiency, educational qualifications, behavior and temperament, are judged under a light of vigilance. The majority of the private sectors and multi-national companies hire a large number of employees every year. Keeping a check on their daily performance manually, will be an arduous task for any company with even a small number of employees. As the private sectors are gradually advancing, they are requiring novel ideas to upgrade their work-environment. Employee fingerprint time clock is very efficient modern addition to today’s workforce. This unique device plays a role of powerful medium between the employer and his subordinates. This mechanism has been proven to be a very potential tactics to prevent time theft or buddy punching. The device has been constructed in such a way that the employers can never play a foul or convince others to give proxy.

Fingerprint Time Clocks
Fingerprint Time Clocks

These time clocks are beneficial in many ways. It’s interesting to know how it all works. The companies that use biometric or digital employee fingerprint time clock, has an automated system where a scanner is attached. The instant the employee applies his or her fingerprint in one touch, the system traces the fingerprint and display either a green signal (indicating positive) and a red signal (indicating negative). A private sector generally uses this device so that they can attach the pay-roll structure of every employee and tally them with the time they have spent in the office. This is basically a vigilance system which monitors how long an employee has worked in accordance to the employee’s payment is then determined. The advantages of using fingerprint time clock include:

  • Instant Employee Recognition: – It is known to all that every person has unique fingerprints and that cannot be matched with others. The employee fingerprint time clock will immediately recognize the shape and size of the hand and will reassure that it’s the same employee’s hand.
  • Increase productivity and decrease financial loss– Millions of dollars has been estimated to be in loss due to buddy punching in various areas when time clock was absent to prevent it. Now that the time clock exists to prevent these illegal activities the companies can recover their profits easily and increase their production by the help of the employee fingerprint time clock.
  • Assured accuracy – These clocks are accurate can track every unique hand, and considerably reduce time theft and buddy punching that are now illegal in every establishment.
  • Time management– This kind strategy can efficiently save the employer’s time. This as well as binds the employees in a strict routine and increases personal time-management. This eventually will increase the profit and the production values of the company.
  • No clerical error– Initially, the card punch system, or ledgers, were used. Now the entire work is done in a computerized manner. As a result, the question of having any error of gathering information is no longer an issue and the companies can placidly keep the record of the attendance and pay-roll system through the employee fingerprint time clock.
Fingerprint Time Clocks
Fingerprint Time Clocks

Though this one of the most smart security devices, some disadvantages can be pointed out:

  1. The workers might feel suffocated sometime being under constant vigilance.
  2. The quality of the work can be hampered largely under this strictness.
  3. The relation between the worker and the employee will always be formal. There will be less chances of amicability.
  4. These devices are quite costly. Still this time clock or employee fingerprint timeclock has become a trusted device to the official sectors.

Other than the very diminutive negative consequences stated, employee fingerprint time clock has many more benefits, and that makes it a must-have for any business with multiple employees.

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