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Tips for a Beginner to Play the Ladies Indoor Netball

Indoor netball is somewhat like the netball, and the major difference is that it is played indoors. The court is surrounded by net from all the sides restricting the ball movement within the court or hurt anyone. The key benefit of net is it helps in unnecessary interruption of game as the ball does not go out of the court. So, when you look at the ladies indoor netball, you can expect a faster-paced game than the regular one.

The indoor netball game is all about speed and strategy. Hence, one needs to understand the rules and how to play it so that the team performs better and wins the game

Tips to Remember If You Are Playing the Ladies Indoor Netball:


  1. Knowing the Rules: Before you get started with the ladies indoor netball, you should sit with your coach or the team captain to know the rules. Whether you are playing for the school, university or any community, there will be rules like the standard ones set for the game. However, you need to update yourself about any changes or variations in it. This way, you practice accordingly for the game.
  2. Understanding Of Positioning Of Players: There are two teams with each team consisting of 8 players. It is important that you study the position of each player to play the game properly.  Out of the eight players, there will be two to attack the oposition, two for defense, two for center or known as link and two will be the substitutes. When you understand the roles of each player, you will know how the game moves about and strategize accordingly.
  3. Buying The Right Kit: It is mandatory to invest in the right kit when you are serious about playing the ladies indoor netball. Also, make sure you buy it in advance and not just a day before the game. You need to get acquainted with your shoes, clothes and other safety accessories. If you get any blisters or shoe bite, you will not suffer on the day of the competition. If there is any need  to make any changes, it can be easily bedone in advance.
  4. Warming Up: One of the worst injuries I for any player is facing injuries while playing a game, and the injuries can turn out to be deadly if they are not treated on time. Some players t simply jump into the game without warming up. It can lead to serious injuries later. Hence, make it a point to incorporate warming up your routine before playing ladies indoor netball. This way, whenever you set out to play, warming up will come naturally to you. The act of warming up before every game will become a part of your ritual. Also, it will ensure that you are not just safe but also able to perform better.
  5. Dedicating Time for Practicing: It is needless to say that to get better at any game, you will have to practice it religiously. Whether you find a friend or a teammate to practice the game or not, you should be doing it daily. This way, you will know how to mater the ladies indoor netball game. If you are preparing for any competition, you should be practicing with your team regularly to set the right coordination.

Every gamer will require the right amount of stamina to play a game. Make sure you are physically fit. Right from sleeping on time to following a diet is crucial. As a beginner, you might find it tough to follow such routines, but as you grow acquainted with the game and start loving it, you will enjoy following the rules.

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