Points to never ignore while Choosing Function Venues

Hosting a function needs a lot of attention to details and a lot of factors to take into consideration. This is not an easy task. But the most prominent of all is the task of choosing the right function venue. The process of choosing the venue for the function is extremely essential. One wrong decision and the function is ruined due to a wrongly chosen venue. You have no idea how great the choice of the function venue impacts the function. Picking out a function venues is a tricky task for people like us, who have no experience in looking for a venue. Well, as it is said that we all learn from experiences, I did and to ensure that you do not make mistakes like I did. Here are some tips that will guide you to choose the right function venue and make your event a success:

Before you start looking for a venue, you need to determine 3 factors form the defining base for a venue:

    • Budget: You do not want to spend more than what you set aside for venue rent.
    • Guest count: You do not want the function venue to be too small or too large for your guests.
    • Type of event: Venue types differ with the type of the event – formal, informal, etc.

After defining these 3 factors clearly, you can now proceed to look for function venues that fit into these points:

      • Location: For every event, there is a basic necessity for a location. The venue should be such that it suits the requirements of the type of event you are hosting. For an event with attendees within a limited range geographically, a venue that is within a short distance from that range is the most preferable as well as reasonable choice.


      • Surroundings ambience: Take a look at the venue to see whether the existing decor is pleasant enough. You may already be planning to decorate the venue but the basic appearance of the venue should be good enough to avert any need for concealing flaws of the space through additional decoration. The architectural style of the venue has a lot to convey about the event. The less the original ambiance of the venue matches the desired theme and style of your event, the more decorating you’ll need to do to make up for it.


      • Technical availabilities: A function venue is a lot more than the location and the ambience with enough space to fit in a number of seats. You need to ensure the space is well equipped to handle all the modern needs. The venue needs to have latest technologies that ensure the availability of continuous electric supply and enable you to attach light fixtures wherever required. If the right technology is not made available to you at all the times, you are surely going to face several shortcomings in setting up the venue and making it a comfortable space for your function.


    • Parking space availability: Parking is one of the important factors of a function venue that is greatly ignored. Parking issues around the venue can disturb the whole event. There should be ample space available for parking or else the guests will have trouble in finding a suitable parking spot or else they will be delayed. Imagine how annoying that feeling is to reach an event venue, all ready to have fun and enjoy oneself, only to find that there is no space to park your car securely. This is surely to give a negative vibe to the event and thereby stain the glamour of the event.

All these points are essential to be kept in mind while choosing the function venues to get the perfect location to host your function.

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