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A Short Guide to Rubber Molding

There are various applications of rubber molds. If you find yourself in need of them, it will be a good idea to understand more about them. Here is a short guide to quality rubber moldings.

# What is a Rubber Molding?

In simple terms, this is a molding process that results in the creation of a usable rubber product. These products can be manufactured from elastomers or uncured rubber, which can be natural or synthetic. The process involves pressing a rubber block into a metal cavity. This is then exposed to heat. As a result, a chemical reaction occurs in the rubber.

There are mainly three different kinds of rubber molding methods. However, all of them require a combination of pressure and heat. These methods are:

  • Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Injection Molding
Molded Rubber Products
Molded Rubber Products

# The Molding Process in Detail

The following process is typically used for rubber molding.

  • The object that must be molded in rubber is selected and cleaned.
  • The material for the mold is then selected. Generally, all manufacturers have a specific composition of rubber that they use for molding. However, some may be willing to create a custom composition for your requirements.
  • The object that will be molded will be housed inside a cavity. Additional processes may take place to safeguard the object to ensure a perfect mold. For example, a porous object may be sealed. In the case of materials like wood or concrete, a release agent will be applied.
  • After the object has been readied, the liquid rubber composite will be poured. This is done carefully to ensure that the object is completely encased in rubber.
  • As the mold readies, it may be poked to check if it has been completed.
Rubber Molding
Rubber Molding

# How to Select a Rubber Molding Company

Hiring an efficient professional for rubber molding services must be your prime concern. After all, quality rubber molding is always the requirement of a company that can benefit you and your business. While there are several factors that must be accounted during the selection process, the following are the most important ones.

  1. The Pricing: Price is always the topmost concerns of every individual or a company and must be in the priority list. However, it does not mean that you should end up hiring cheap service providers. Always remember that paying a little high to get access to high-quality services will ultimately benefit you and will serve as an investment rather than a liability. Anyway, always ask the companies to provide an estimate beforehand. Compare these estimates from different companies before making any decision.A company that offers a low estimate might not be the right choice. They may be using poor rubber molding materials or their services might be of poor standard. They may be compromising on certain aspects of their work that ultimately result into the creation of cheap quality product. Remember that you need to find a company that offers quality services at affordable prices.
  2. The Reputation: Look for a reputed company to stay on a safer side. After all, a rubber molding company can only have a strong reputation when it is known to delivering quality services in a consistent manner. Therefore, emphasize reputation in your search for a rubber molding company. You can star by checking online reviews of the company. You may even ask the company to provide you with references.
  3. The Professionalism: Never overlook professionalism. A professional manufacturer will take steps to deliver satisfactory services. They will understand your needs and challenges and work accordingly. They will be using their expertise and experience in the delivery of optimal results. In other words, they will be the ideal partner.

Taking in account the above points will help you find high quality rubber molding services in no time at all.

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