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How to Choose the Best Pallet Jack?

While choosing a pallet jack, opt for pallets jacks that are versatile and able to be used in a variety of unique industrial locations. A good pallet jack has the capacity to take a load up to 2500kgs. Usually, hand pallet jacks are easier to handle and are lower in cost as well in comparison to powered pallet jacks. However, the type of  Pallet jack chosen will depend on the industrial locations where they are to be used.

How would you choose the best quality pallet jack?

  • Ensure that the pallet jack is sturdy and easy to handle. You should choose the pallet jack according to its load capacity.  If your desired load capacity is more that 5000lbs it is the best to opt for a manual pallet jack. The pallet jack should be easy to manoeuvre even within short distances.
  • The pallet jack should be easy to manoeuvre even within short distances. If your pallet movement involves reaching out to high locations, it is the best to opt for motorized pallet jacks. These can move heavy palletized loads easily, and are used in shipping yards and docks, which handle loads close to 6000lbs. Some of them come with platforms to stand on while supervising the load movement.
  • Always browse through multiple websites before deciding on the price. You should check some features like whether pallet jacks have healthy and well- balanced forks, Adjustable push rods and Movable axles..

6 things to check while choosing the pallet jack:

  1. Entry and exit rollers– These help in easy movement of the pallet jack.
  2. Check the length of the pallet– Before you make your purchase check the length of the pallet.  The common fork size is 27×48” and the size of wood pallets is 40×48”. Pallets that are 40” require a pallet jack with forks of width 27”. Ideally, go for a manoeuvrable length. Avoid ones that are too long and bulky, as it will be difficult to move them in the narrow by lanes of warehouses.
  3. Check the base weight– The base weight of the pallet jack should not be too heavy, as it can make it difficult to move on the floor or vehicle trays.
  4. Always check on how high the forks can be lifted– However, 3” is the standard height, while the maximum can go up to more than 7”.
  5. Durability- The forks should be strong enough to hold the weight at high levels.
  6. The type of wheels– Type of wheels that your pallet jack should have is important to consider, as the wrong set of wheels can scratch the floors of your retail shop or warehouse. Go for ones with floor-saving polyurethane wheels.
Pallet Jack
Pallet Jack

How would you handle and maintain the pallet jack?

When you are using a pallet jack, always keep in mind some basic maintenance and safety measures to guarantee smooth operation. These are mentioned below:

  • Keep the warehouse area where you are operating the pallet jack free of clutter and obstacles.
  • Use multiple resources to maneuver the pallet jacks if there is a movement of heavy load involved for more safety.
  • Ensure that the pallets are stored in a dry and moisture free space to avoid rusting. Due to humidity and dust, pallet jacks will get affected and you need to store them in a clean area.
  • Hire a well-trained operator to handle the pallet jacks. Untrained professionals cannot operate these pallet jacks and they can damage your pallets instantly.

Ensure that the one you choose is offering maximum benefits to make your load lifting and movement work easier. These days many technically advanced and cost-effective pallet jacks are available in the market. Choose the one that serves you best in terms of quality and durability.

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