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Tips on Curtain and Blind Cleaning for Home

Curtains and blinds play a very important role in the beautifying our houses. Some people choose only curtains or only blinds to decorate their houses while some choose both and use them both for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the house. The choice of using a curtain or a blind depends on the discretion of the designer as well as based on the purpose of the space. While curtains give a traditional look, blinds allow more privacy. It is easy to install either the window curtain or the blinds, but what is more problematic is the maintenance. One of the basic things that help in maintaining the look of either of them is their cleaning. There is nothing worse of an eyesore than have a home with curtain and blinds with layers of dust and dirt. Therefore it is important to have them cleaned and know about curtain and blind cleaning.

Curtain and Blind Cleaning in General

Although there is not much difficulty involved in the curtain and blind cleaning, let us check out how it is done:

  • Take them out from their place and make sure to securely keep away the pins after removing them from the curtains
  • Shaking them well before cleaning helps to remove the dust that is struck on them.
  • Use good and soft detergents to clean them as they are soft materials and use of hard detergents can destroy them. A detergent with a good smell will give gentle fragrance.
  • It is better to allow them to soak in warm water before washing and also to use of disinfectant can be good.
  • Dry them evenly by spreading them on a large surface.

These are the basics involved in curtain and blind cleaning. But there are certain particular things involved in the cleaning of both.

blind cleaning1

Cleaning of a Curtain

  • Seasonally one of the most important things about the cleaning of the curtains is the fact that they easily accumulate dust and hence even if your curtains look clean it is important to seasonally clean them. One of the most important factors associated is the fact that when a curtain is kept unclean then it heavily affects the quality of the air inside the house. When the quality of the air inside the house deteriorates, then it might affect the health of the members of the house. One of the most important factors involved in curtain cleaning is the fact that it is highly dependent on the type or quality of the curtain. Therefore, always follow the cleaning procedure suggested so that proper cleaning can be done. These dusts tend to be breeding ground for molds which trigger allergy in children.
  • Weekly– you can also devote ten minutes each day in the cleaning of the curtain and this will also help you to maintain the good quality of the curtain.
  • Monthly you can use your vacuum cleaner every month and clean them so that the dust attached can be easily removed. This eases the seasonal cleaning procedures. You can also clean on alternate months by using a dryer that can be a good alternative of a monthly cleaning by vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning of a Blind

Cleaning of the blind is easier and does not really involve any complexities like that of a curtain. The time investment required is also quite low and they can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner, dryer, sponge, etc. and the use of salt at certain times can also be useful. Cleaning metal vinyl blinds can be easily done by using simple dishwasher soaps. Hence because of the fact of its easy and non- complex maintenance the blinds these days are preferred over curtains.

Curtain and blind cleaning is important for the maintenance of the good indoor air quality as well as good looks of the house. A dirty curtain or blind can give a shabby look to the house and is an eyesore that discourages your guests and friends.

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