Enhance The Performance Of Vehicle By Nissan Patrol Snorkel And Airbox Installation

Nissan Patrol is well-known for its durability, sturdiness, and reliability. Its parts and accessories are prepared with precision. Experts and highly skilled professionals craft these accessories to develop superior standard parts and accessories that are particularly designed for Patrol model.

The team of specialist design the Nissan Patrol snorkel and airbox and they ensure that the Nissan Patrols are performing to meet the predetermined and expected superior standard.

What is Snorkel and Airbox?

The main purpose of the Airflow snorkel is to provide protection to the engine from sand, dust, and water when Patrol vehicles are used for off road purposes. They are designed and constructed with such perfection that it enables the snorkel to fit closely against the guard and complement the vehicle. Further, it enables the engine to breathe easily by drawing fresh air right from the level of the windscreen. This also allows the vehicle to move in flooded areas with much ease.

At Nissan, the emphasis is given to the quality intake of air and filtration with customized air boxes. Custom engineering enables the engine to perform at its best. It is designed with perfection to meet the needs of a Nissan Patrol. The experts use the highest grade of virgin polyethylene plastic in order to provide longer UV resistance.

Apart from that, they undergo various tests to measure the toughness, durability, and design under extreme conditions. With the use of Nissan Patrol snorkel and airbox, you ought to get fuel efficiency, high performance, and economy of the vehicle. There are different types of snorkel and airboxes depending on the Nissan Patrol model and are developed to meet the requirements of the same. It allows sufficient airflow in any condition.

Some of the Top Nissan Patrol Snorkel and Airboxes Are:

  • ZD30/TD42-T/V8 Airbox
    It is the custom version hi-flow airbox. It is easy to install and it offers great flow improvements for GQ and GU Patrols. The larger airbox with 4” inlet as well outlet airbox is developed in the recent time. It uses a much larger filter and it needs custom mounting. It provides high-quality performance.
  • GQ Snorkel
    Keeping in mind the success of 4 inches, airbox GQ Snorkel was developed as a package of snorkel and airbox. It comes with mounting and doesn’t need neither inner nor outer guard to cut. In spite of that, the top corner on the bonnet is trimmed with the help of the template. It gives superior quality of performance to the vehicle.
  • GU Snorkel
    The combo pack of airbox and snorkel for the GU Patrol is developed seeing the success of GQ Snorkel and airbox. The kit comprises of mounts, template, and heavy-duty gas strut. It enhances the performance of the vehicle incredibly.
  • GQ Guard Entry 4 Inches Snorkel
    It is a stainless steel snorkel. Besides, it comes with pillar mount hardware as well as guard template. It provides outstanding airflow and enhances the performance of the vehicle extremely.
  • GQ Bonnet Entry Snorkel
    It is also a stainless steel bonnet entry snorkel. It is the high quality intake and filtration part. It is great to install and it boosts the performance of your vehicle.

These snorkel systems are highly modified and developed to deliver increased air flow demands.

Benefits of Airflow Snorkel Kit:

  • Engine gets improved airflow.
  • It enables the cleaner air to pass into the engine.
  • It allows the engine to breathe easily.
  • Vehicle performance is improved to 4×4.
  • Complements the vehicle and offers great look.

Hence, the installation of the snorkel and air boxes enhances the performance of the vehicle and gives you smooth ride even in extreme conditions.

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