Bariatric Examination Table

What Are the Benefits of a Bariatric Examination Table?

Bariatric Examination Table is a branch of medicine which deals with all the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity.  The field includes dieting, exercising and all the behavioural therapy which leads to weight loss and it also includes pharmacotherapy and surgery. Bariatric examination table is specially designed with automatic adjustable tools and you do not need to scroll down these tables on the floor. Apart from that, these tables are designed welded steel and they have clean ABS foam. You can find these tables in the hospitals, clinics and in diagnostic centres. Doctors and medical technicians can easily adjust these tables with a remote control, and they can provide the ultimate comfort to the patients.

Bariatric Exam Tables
Bariatric Exam Tables

Why people opt for bariatric surgery?

Obesity has become a source of serious public health issue all over the world. Obesity has many detrimental health effects.

  • Those individuals who have a very high BMI (body mass index) and if the range exceeds the normal range, they are at increased risk of several medical conditions. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, asthma and cancer.
  • Overweight children or obese adults find it very difficult to lose their weight on their own, even after dieting the results are not good and when they stop dieting either they return to their original weight or they find that they have gained additional weight.
  • Here, bariatric surgery will play a major role and it helps to improve the condition of an obese person and lose their weight.

What are the different types of bariatric tables available in the market? 

Bariatric Examination Table
Bariatric Examination Table

The Bariatric examination table is constructed with robust materials and it has a wide base surface, so it can accommodate larger patients and it can withstand weights up to 500 kilos. Very superior materials are used to manufacture these tables. There are various types of bariatric examination tables and each of them has their own purpose and uses.

  • Static treatment table – This table is very innovative and has reinforced designs, static treatment tables are the most dependable tables available. This table has a typical cabinet style design and has lots of storage space underneath for easy access.
  • Mat treatment tables – This table offers large flat surface and this table is considered to offer utmost stability, it also offers height adjustment feature and they can lift to 550 kilos. They can raise the weight up to 10 inches, which makes it easy for the doctors to access the patients.
  • Motorized treatment tables – These tables are useful for disabled, elderly and rehab patients. The tables electrically adjust height and they can transform into a wheel chair. This table serves the need of patients and practitioners too. These tables often feature with ‘hands-free’ control operation. The backrest of the table is 75 degree movable and it has a unframe design, but it can only lift up to 300 kilos.
  • Tilt treatment tables – These tables are also suited for a comprehensive array of examination, here the patient will be strapped while standing on the floor and finally the table gently lowers them into a lying down position. The tilt capacity of this table is 90 degrees. This is especially easy to load and unload heavy patients on to the table. Using these tables, one just needs to control the tilt movement of the table and does not need any manual physical effort to bring the patient over the table.

We can now find Bariatric examination tables in many online stores from where we can easily order them and they can be delivered wherever you want. These tables are very helpful for both patients as well as for medical staffs in ensuring patient comfort as well as providing easier accessibility and manoeuvrability to surgeons.

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