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Freight Forwarder- Make Transportation Easier

Nowadays, sending good across the country or even across the globe has become easy and convenient. All you need to do is pack your items and take it over to the carrier company office and they handle the rest for you. Some companies, even offer to pick up the good from your office or home but may charge extra for it. Even then, it is worth the money. There are many types of courier companies. Freight companies forwarders are one such who organize to get the goods from producer to the market and consumer. A forwarder would not move the cargo but act as an expert for the logistics in use. They may use a number of shipment methods depending on the location from and to where it needs to be moved. Transportation carriers, on the other hand, move the good from the point of origin to the destination and the carrier owns the mode of shipment used for such transportation.

Freight companies vs transportation carriers

Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarder

There are many advantages of using freight forwarder over transportation carriers. Following are the advantages mentioned below: –

1.  Freight companies are experts in sending cargo.  They will handle all the formalities and requirements that are needed for moving the items across countries. It saves one’s time hence, one could utilize that time in concentrating in other areas. With transportation carriers, one would need to physically present and make sure all requirements have been complied with thereby, taking a lot of your time at the cost of ignoring other matters, which might need more attention.

2.  By using the freight forwarder, you are at ease and know you are in safe hands, as they have the necessary skill and knowledge for transporting the goods. You can sit back and relax after handing over the parcel. You are at peace, as you know for sure that your goods will reach the destination and no harm will possibly be caused while moving it. Such is not the case with transportation companies, as with them, the sender is responsible and you have to ensure that the goods have reached their port, whereas with freight companies they are responsible.

3.  People believe that if transportation companies are used it would save your cost, as you would be arranging everything as opposed to freight companies. This is not true. If you make one mistake while importing or exporting goods or even sending them elsewhere, it might cost you a fortune. You might end up paying much more than what you would have paid freight companies for their services had you hired them. This is because the forwarding rule is different everywhere, it is mandatory to comply with them. Because the latter are in the business they are aware and have the knowledge of all such necessities to adhere to, it is safer and easier to hand it over to them.

4.  Freight companies are merely in the business of arranging the conveyance of goods and may use a number of shipment methods such as airplanes, ships, by road, and so on and it is not needed for them to own the vessel. Whereas, a transportation company owns the vessel that is being used for shipment. In such a case, you would need to check the latter’s insurance documents to make sure that you will be compensated in case of a loss. With a freight company, this is not the case, checking of such documents is not required and you know in any case you are covered for any loss.

5.  Most importantly is that point of contact is one as against transportation carriers where there might be multiple points of contact.

Hence, the freight forwarder is more beneficial than transportation carrier.

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