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Yoga Bolsters Are Helpful for a Range of Postures

The use of the bolster in Yoga has not been known before mid of the last century when some of the world famous Yoga teachers noticed that not all western students were able to perform all the poses either due to the problem of reduced flexibility over the time or due to injuries. Thus, the formulation and the use of these bolsters were introduced that became helpful to a lot of people that wish to follow the health regime without any problem. These can be made used of in several positions that give the students the perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of the poses by correctly carrying them out.

The Basic Types Available

Different people have different goals while practicing Yoga, and there is always a bolster that everyone has for her or his needs.

  • The use of the rectangular, wide and flat surfaced yoga bolsters are best for the restorative type of Yoga poses as they allow for the deeper forward bend than the cylindrical bolsters.
  • The cylindrical bolsters are made good when there is a need for a greater chest opening for a particular pose. They can also be placed beneath the knees for the lowering the lower back part of the body.
  • There are the prana bolsters that support the entire spine from its lower end to the cervix and has a narrow width with less height that are best suited for facilitating deep breathing.

Some Relevant Modifications

Apart from these main categories of the bolsters, there are also the smaller and the improvised versions of the main categories useful in certain poses.

  • The mini yoga bolsters are helpful to maneuver your body across a host of poses that will carry you through the sessions successfully especially during the initial stages when you have problems of flexibility.
  • There are also the mini prana bolsters that can aid in host of positions especially when kneeling and giving your head support during some of the poses.
  • While the regular sizes measure about two feet to two feet two inches in length, the mini sizes range from fifteen to sixteen inches.

Make of the Bolsters

Concerning the material with which these yoga bolsters are made, there are several varieties that you can choose from depending on your preferences as well as the easy cleaning as the intense Yoga regimes demand.

  • The outer covering can range from the synthetic to the cotton fabric; so can the inner filling consist of the buckwheat which is one of the most common to the soft cotton.
  • Some of them come with removable covers that facilitate the easy cleaning of the bolsters each time you make use of them.
  • There are also some that come with the silk covering and have the attractive prints or designs that give the ethnic look to complement the holistic feel during your Yoga sessions.
  • Most of them are said to be eco-friendly and bio-degradable such that you will always be comfortable having them with you all the time.

The Versatile Bolster

Though a lot of Yoga centers have a range of yoga bolsters, you might want to purchase them for personal use at home as well as at the training centers for better comfort with your personally washed accessories. Those that have the microfiber filling are less expensive than those that have the buckwheat or the cotton fillings. The fancy looking bolsters with the silk covers are among the higher-range products. A large number of these bolsters are also used by those that perform a range of pre-natal exercises as they facilitate the movement of the body with the soft supporting comfort. Whatever pose or condition for which you may use the Yoga bolster, it is best to consult the professional carrying out the classes for a safe use.

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