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All That You Need to Know About Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating has gained popularity in the past few years because it offers a number of advantages. It is a radiant heating system and provides an efficient energy system. These are the two main advantages of this sort of heating.

  • Hydronic heating consists of a boiler, pumping manifold, liquid, tubing and heat exchanger. However, there are different ways in which this can be operated as well as installed. There are tank less water heater and even radiant floors. There are also outdoor hydronic heating systems. Based on the budget, the type of the house and the requirements of the owner, any of these types can be installed.
  • The way hydronic heating works is that the hot water or heated liquid is passed through the home in loops of plastic piping. This is the reason why every surface gets evenly heated. The liquid of this system starts with a boiler where it is heated and then it flows to the manifold system of pipes. The manifold works as a control center and the thermostat is connected to it and the correct temperature of the water is directed to the various zones that require heating. This way, each zone can have personalized temperature maintained. The pump is used to circulate the water or liquid in the tubing. The cooler water or liquid is sent back to the boiler.
  • Hydronic heating is effective because the heat is transferred by conduction and also the radiation. Since it uses liquid, the conduction of heat is superior than if air was used. Air as it is a bad conductor of heat and is often used for insulation of windows, causes a lot of wastage of energy and therefore, hydronic heating is more effective and efficient as well.
  • The boiler uses conduction and water is heated. The hot water is then pumped through the house and the concrete, tiles or flooring and that is heated by conduction and this also radiates heat in the room. The surface of the floor also radiates heat gained from the water and this is radiated into the room. This results in a consistent and comfortable temperature being maintained. This is what makes the room feel warmer and if the air temperature is lower. This therefore helps in decreasing energy bills and yet increases the comfort levels.
Hydronic Heating
Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating has many benefits and advantages:

  1. It allows different temperatures to be available in different zones of the home.
  2. The doors need not be closed to trap the heat because the heat is passed through conduction as well as radiation
  3. The tiles and floors are warm and that adds comfort to both humans and pets alike
  4. Humidity levels can be balanced well as it does not dry out the home
  5. These are silent as compared to traditional heating systems
  6. Hydronic heat does not require that the air in the rooms be moved for the home to be warmed. That way, dust and allergens are not circulated into the home and so people with allergies and respiratory problems do not have a problem
  7. These are efficient and so the energy consumption decreases
  8. There are tax incentives you can gain when you upgrade the heating to hydronic heating as it is energy efficient.
  9. The government programs in effect offer savings and so the upfront cost is reduced.
  10. The installation is very versatile. You can use propane, electricity, natural gas or even oil. The piping too can be placed in the walls and do not require the amount of ductwork which traditional systems require. Thus the square footage of the home is not compromised at all.

Hope you like above mentioned information about Hydronic Heating! You can more useful information here.

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