What Are the Various Services Offered by Emergency Locksmiths?

Locks are devices which are placed to keep unwanted people out of a certain area or to give privacy to the inmates or even to restrict access to either safes, rooms, homes, offices, automobiles or even certain areas. Locks can be mechanical or they can be electronic. Based on the lock, the device used to open it varies as well. It ranges from a key, card, biometric print, token, RFID card or password or combination of key codes.

Emergency locksmiths are those professionals who help authorized persons re-entry by means of either a replacement key or fitting in a new key or even helping with keys that have broken in the lock.

Some of the services offered by emergency locksmiths are:


  1. Extraction of broken keys: This is done for homeowners who have been locked out of their homes as their key has been broken in the lock. In this, the homeowner can be helped with a new set of keys or the lock can be rekeyed.
  2. Emergency lockout services: When locks need to be changed immediately or if there are lockouts and the door needs to be opened. The emergency locksmiths also install exit panic bars if needed at workplaces.
  3. Lock repairs, replacements and installations: Incase locks are giving trouble and need repairing or the lock needs to be changed or a new lock needs to be installed, all these are taken care of.
  4. Sophisticated security alarms: Sophisticated security alarms are installed by emergency locksmiths to secure the house from burglars and intruders.
  5. Master keys: If master keys need to be made, these services also are undertaken by the emergency locksmiths. They work round the clock and come for all your domestic and commercial needs.
  6. Gates and safes: If gates and safes or even mailboxes need to be either fitted with locks, have their locks repaired or have new keys made or replacement of keys done
  7. Repairing after a kick in – Incase the homeowner has been locked out or needs the front door lock repaired or replaced after a break in or even a kick-in

For automobiles the services of an emergency locksmith are:

  • Lockouts: If the automobile owner has been locked out of his vehicle
  • Ignition repairs: For repairs undertaken to the ignition of the vehicle.
  • Making of transponder keys: When the programming needs to be done or even if the transponder key needs to be made
  • Trunk lockout: Incase the trunk has been locked out
  • Duplicate keys: When one needs a set of duplicate keys made

When choosing emergency locksmiths one needs to check for the following :

  1. Is the service available day and night for all the days of the week
  2. Does it cater to only home locksmiths or office locksmiths or automobile locksmiths or all
  3. What is the costing – are the prices affordable
  4. Are the services of the locksmith insured – incase of damage, the insurance company bears the loss.
  5. Is 100% satisfaction guaranteed for the services
  6. Are the commonly used parts stocked up

When in emergencies one tends to go to local locksmiths as they are less expensive, one is served quickly and without having to wait, they are more accessible and they provide on the spot fixes. However, there are certain disadvantages to local locksmiths. They are:

  1. They may have intentions of robbing the homeowners and stealing their valuables
  2. Some fake local locksmiths cause more damage than was there before and yet require you to pay them even though their work is unsatisfactory.

Finally, it is also important to check whether the individual emergency locksmiths may or may not be as effective or efficient than a well known company or institution providing locksmiths.

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