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Tips to Take Care Of Outdoor Furniture

No matter what kind of outdoor furniture you have, it is important to take proper care of it. A lot of people assume that just because you have bought some furniture that is weather proof, there is no care required. But that is not really true. Even the best kind of furniture tends to get spoilt and becomes rather untidy due to lack of proper care. Hence it is vital for you to take proper care of the furniture pieces that are kept outside. Here’s what you can do:

  • Always try to clean your outdoor furniture You can simply take a regular soap and mix it with water. This can be used to clean your furniture once in a week if the furniture is made out of metal. In case of furniture made of bamboo or wicker, you can use a special cleaner available for these materials. Such cleaners are available easily in the market. You can also simply dust away the furniture to ensure that too much dirt is not accumulated over it
  • Polishing should be done annually or at least once in every 2 years. Any kind of outdoor furniture tends to get faded as it ages. This happens because of the harsh rays of the sun getting passed on the furniture directly. In addition to this, other environmental conditions like rain, snow, etc will also have their impact on your furniture. One simple tip to tackle the issue is to stack the furniture inside the house when you do not use it in outdoor areas often. You can also put it away in the patio or keep it covered with a cloth. Ideally, it would be best to keep the furniture away in the basement or such areas when you go away for longer duration. If it is too harsh during the winter, you may consider placing the furniture in a covered space at such times as frost can really affect the outdoor furniture.
  • Along with these tips, you should also maintain good hygiene of your furniture. Accumulation of too much of dirt, mud, dust etc on your furniture will also have a harmful effect on your health. You can try vacuuming once in a while, especially for wicker furniture or pieces that contain any kind of soft cushioning or seating. You should also wash the covers on your furniture pieces every now and then
  • Wooden outdoor furniture is the kind that gets easily affected by rain and other wet elements. So if there is heavy rainfall or climatic conditions that may wet the furniture, try to avoid keeping it in direct contact with dampness. Place the furniture on the patio and keep plastic covers handy outside so that you can immediately cover it up.
  • Metal furniture pieces can be left in the garden or the patio without worrying about the weather conditions, no matter what it is. They however require cleaning using some mild soap and water
  • Acrylic cushions also need a lot of care. Hence when you are using them for any kind of outdoor furniture, then make sure that you are removing it from the frame prior to cleaning. The best way to clean these would be using a sponge to do some spot cleaning and then rinse the same with some mild soap and water. You must let it dry off completely before putting it back. You can also try and invest in mildew-resistant cushions. If you do not have the same, then make sure that your cushions and furniture get enough sunlight before drying off.

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