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Cement Silo- For high duty storage

Silos are used to store bulky materials. Bulky materials like grains, coals, cements, woodchips etc. are stored in towers or pits and are known as silos. Cement Silo specializes in storing cement.

What are Cement Silos?

The on-site storage units used to store and distribute many kinds of cement mixtures are called as cement silos. These storage containers are used in construction sites and they come in various sizes. A cement storage silo can be prepared to store a large amount of cement up to several hundred tons. Usually, it is equipped with some kind of blower to transfer the stored contents into the trucks.

Kinds of Cement silos

  • Permanent cement silo

Cement silos that are installed in a cement factory without the provision to move are known as permanent cement silos. Usually these are large in size and so are immovable. These kinds of cement silos can be found in large concrete plants where the finished products are kept in these silos. The finished goods are then transferred to other areas on trucks etc. There are blowers in the silos that make it easier to remove the products from silos. Blowers run on electricity but there are many models that use propane or even gasoline.

  • Portable cement silo

Portable cement silos can be moved from one place to another. These can be set up in few hours and can be dismantled after the project is complete. These can be found in construction companies to keep cement for different building projects. There are many building sites that use portable cement silos which can be moved around the site as per need. Storage of the portable cement silo is also very easy. Portable cement silos too have blowers to easily remove the material from the silos. The blower equipment in such silos can be set up in a very less time and can also be easily stored when not used.

Features of Cement Silo

  • Durability

The cement silos are used to keep bulky materials like cement. Hence, it needs to be durable. These are huge structures to keep large quantity of materials. The silos are tough structures that can withstand all kinds of weather and temperature, and still stand tall.

  • Corrosion Resistance

The cement silos need to be corrosion resistance. These structures keep a lot of material and are exposed for years. Hence, these structures need to be corrosion resistance to last for a long time.

  • Good functionality

The cement silos have equipment like blower to help remove products to and from the silos. As the silos are huge structures so they need to be functional so that the materials can be easily stored and removed.

  • Reliable

Usually the silos are built from high quality materials and so these are reliable enough to store large quality of materials for long period of time.

  • Varying sizes

The cement silos come in different sizes to hold cement products. These are used to store cement in the process of ready mix concrete plants which come in various capacities.

Things to keep in mind

  • Proper care should be taken for the maintenance of cement silos keeping in mind the environment regulations. All the certifications and other paper should be in order.
  • Compaction of cement is a common problem in silos. The relief valve gets cemented due to accumulation of cements. Hence cleaning of the valves must be done on a regular basis.
  • Building up a silo can be easy but cleaning it is a difficult task. Checking the filters and replacing it and greasing the bearings are essential. But removing the accumulated cement could be a difficult task and so only the professionals should be handed over this task.

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