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Common Causes Behind Blocked Drains

The problem of clogged drains is a very common one in most households, which results in harassment, costs expensive blockage cleaning, and consumes a lot of time sometimes. Most people neglect a drainage blockage initially, trying to flush more water, putting inside wires, and struggling by pouring chemicals. Many others don’t even take a step until the water stops draining completely. There could be numerous foreign items that could block your drain and, when left untreated, could do severe damage to your property. Therefore, knowing the common reasons behind blocked drains could save a lot of tolls in terms of harassment and money.

Roots of Trees

Water supply pipelines are installed under the ground, and if it passes through or by your garden, one of the most potential causes behind a blockage could be the roots of trees in your garden. Many times, people are growing trees, planting new ones without considering the future growth scopes of the plants. Plants require space beneath the soil to expand their roots, and if there is a pipeline on its way, fibers of roots could enter and create blocked drains.

Heavy Rain or Storm

Heavy downpours or storms are mostly associated with a rough wind that carries leaves, debris, and dirt, which can easily block the outdoor drains. Therefore, mostly after a storm, tornado or hurricane, or even heavy rainfall, a lot of dirt and debris are blown away and might jam the open mouth of external drainage outlets.

Foreign Items Flushed into the Toilet

If you even think of digging down a sewage tank, well, there will be many things like toilet paper, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, keys, toys, and even mobiles. Well, what if such items get stuck in the toilet pan and block the drainage passage? You need a professional to handle such blocked drains. There are a few ways this foreign item drops into a toilet, or intentional flushing could be avoided or minimized.

  • Place a waste basket near the toilet pan and practice throwing waste into it.
  • Try not to carry external items in toilet sessions, like keys, mobiles, etc.; if it is too essential, make a separate rack for it.

Cooking Grease

Now, who likes to live on boiled and steamed food all the time, without oil and spices, food does not taste as you like it. It’s hard to give on your favorite oily foods, grilled items to fried ones, but when you pour the greasy water while washing the utensils in your sink, you dig a pit for yourself. Well, this greasy residue of cooked food accumulates down the pipeline and, over time, creates greasy, stubborn blockages.

Fallen Hair

Well, it does not matter whether you have long or short hair; hair fall is a common condition affecting 8 out of 10 people. So, whether noticeable or not, a few hairs fall during shower time. Naturally, these get tangled, and they create clogs with soap lather and other residues. Professional blocked drain cleaning experts have exclusive chemicals to dissolve these hairs and hydro-jets and snakes to clean out the clog. Moreover, if you pay a little attention to falling hair, you could maintain a routine cleaning schedule, even with a wire or s,o to avoid major blockages.

Waste Materials and Food Remnants

It is an addiction to throw scraps of food waste and remnants down the sink, knowing it would easily pass away with a rush of water. Simply keeping a waste basket might not help you from this tendency of throwing things in the sink. Instead, you could use sink strainers available in varied designs, shapes, and types nowadays, where you can pour remnant curries to waste and just pour the strainer collections into the waste basket. This way, you can significantly avoid kitchen sink blockages which can otherwise create trouble.

It is important not to panic when you have blocked drains. Instead, you need to gauge the majority of the blockage, whether it’s a DIY matter or you need expert resolution. If it’s major, do not wait further and call for a professional. You should always have a number of professional plumbing contractors handy. You can connect with them when the plumbing issue arises.

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