Asphalt Driveways

Some Advantages Of Getting Asphalt Driveways Over The Others

Whether you are building a new home or any other commercial property, a driveway is something that you have to get. Driveways must be inviting and appealing and at the same time should be durable and strong. The driveway for the property is essential and you have to choose the right material for the same. A lot of things need to be considered before choosing a new driveway. There are wide varieties of materials that can be used for the driveways. Concrete and asphalt are the two major materials that are used commonly to build the driveways. These are used in different forms to give that curb appeal you are looking for the property as a whole. However, the asphalt driveways come with even more benefits that make it an ideal choice over the others.

Asphalt Driveways
Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt concrete is made out of petroleum derivative, also called as bitumen. This material is similar to that of tar, that is thick and sticky. This is mixed with aggregates like sand, stone, and gravel to make the actual asphalt that is used to pave driveways. To build the asphalt driveways, heavier aggregates like stones are spread for 4 to 8 inches as a solid well-drained base. This is then topped with hot asphalt for 2 to 3 inches and rolled over with a heavy rolling machine.

Pros Of Asphalt Driveway Over Concrete

Majority of commercial as well as residential driveways are today built out of asphalt or concrete. Many people prefer concrete over asphalt as concrete is far more sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. But these days the popularity of asphalt driveways is increasing. The reason behind the popularity is that asphalt can hold just like concrete and there are some benefits of using it as driveways. Some of the benefits are:

  • One of the major advantages of having asphalt driveway is that it can be laid within a few days. Depending upon the size of the driveway, the concrete takes more time to lay and longer to set as compared to asphalt. Also, asphalt is ready to use within two days of completion whereas the concrete takes a week to cure before it is ready to use.
  • The cost of building asphalt driveways is less as compared to that of concrete. Not only it is inexpensive to build but also the maintenance cost of asphalt is lesser than concrete. It cost less and takes less time to repair cracks appearing in the asphalt driveway using the crack sealant products. Patching the bigger cracks or broken asphalt is also affordable and easier over concrete. Concrete can be painted or stained but it is an expensive procedure. Stained or painted concrete is difficult to repair as it can be difficult to match the color. Asphalt, on the other hand, has a consistent color that can be an easy DIY project.
Asphalt Driveways
Asphalt Driveways
  • The asphalt driveways can be hotter in summers due to the dark color but are ideal during winter as snow will melt fast. The asphalt will not lead to surface flaking caused by application of salt to melt ice or poor installation or poor mixture preparation.
  • It absorbs better and so can be ideal for building driveways near the school, busy highways, or industries etc.

It is important that you find a good contractor for building the asphalt driveways as it requires enough experience and specialized equipment for the job. You have to do some research before you go and look for the same. In general, the asphalt driveway can last 12 to 20 years when installed perfectly. Hence, a good contractor can ensure that the driveway is installed properly. Maintaining the asphalt driveway is simple with cleaning twice a year using the stiff broom and hose spray and seal-coating it once every 2 to 5 years. Proper and preventive maintenance can extend the life of the asphalt driveway for 20 years or more.

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