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Car Service Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to fly on an airplane, you would want to ensure that the plane is in order and well maintained, isn’t it? Similarly, if you go on a roller coaster ride, you would expect that the machinery and electrical wiring and the tracks are working properly before you get on the ride. Even our human body needs regular maintenance – with the right diet, sleep, and exercise, and of course, timely visits to the doctor.

But what about your car? Should it not get timely service and regular maintenance, as well?

Car Service

Why is car service necessary?

You must get the maintenance of your car in check at periodic intervals. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to opt for the car service:

  • Saves costs: Servicing helps in replacing the car components before they stop working, maintains your fuel efficiency, and reduces the chances of having a sudden breakdown – saving you the cost of frequent car repairing.
  • Improves safety: Servicing also includes a lot of safety checks, helping to identify and replace any worn down parts and keeping important components like the seatbelts, suspension, steering, and braking systems in excellent working condition.
  • Increases car life: A regularly serviced engine will last longer than a neglected one.
  • Retains resale value: A car with a full-service history has more resale value to prospective buyers.

What should be the frequency of car service?

Ideally, you should get a car service every 10,000 -15,000 kilometers or once a year, whichever comes first. However, if you use your car in any of the following situations, you could halve the service intervals.

  • Using fuels containing Sulphur. Australian fuel has a high concentration of Sulphur and this taxes the exhaust emission control devices more.
  • Making primarily short trips. This means that a car never gets to operating temperature, which can put extra stress on internal components.
  • Idling the engine (taxis, delivery vehicles, and similar vehicles) for a long time. An idling engine will not get up to temperature and the excess runtime is not factored into the odometer reading.
  • Driving in dusty areas. Dust plays havoc with finely machined metallic surfaces, acting as an abrasive. Regular servicing reduces the effects of dust on the engine.
  • Towing a trailer on a regular basis. When pulling a trailer, the brakes, engine, and suspension are all put under extra strain leading to more wear and tear to these components.
  • Driving in stop and start traffic, like a car that rarely leaves the city. Constant braking and acceleration give stress to the mechanical parts of a car.

Tips for Car Service

Read the user manual

Your car service manual is full of useful information and tips: how to check tyre pressure, which fluids to change and when, what to do when your engine overheats and how to change the bulbs in your car light. It will tell you how to perform basic maintenance jobs correctly.

Car Service
Car Service

Always take your car for scheduled service

The car user’s guide will tell you when your scheduled services are due. These usually involve a full check of the car and immediate attention to anything that needs replacing: spark plugs, timing belts, and other such parts.

Scheduled servicing through your dealer has two huge advantages:

  • You will get genuine parts and expertise
  • A written record of the car’s service history will be maintained, which becomes important for buyers when you want to sell the car in the future.

To sum up

Vehicle technology continues to improve all the time, and car engines of today are much more advanced than ever before. With modern, computer-controlled engine management systems, the old days of popping the bonnet, grabbing a wrench, and having a ‘she’ll be right’ moment are no longer applicable. Car service is therefore of prime importance!

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