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Your Call is Very Important to Us – Not!

The phrase ‘your call is very important to us’ is surely one of the great bugbears of modern life for so many. It probably ranks alongside ‘have a nice day’ when this is said in the most bored voice imaginable! Both actually seem to mean the opposite; certainly being asked to hold for an indeterminate period is a great way to build up frustration, even resentment, or simply lose a caller who has better things to do with their lives.

This is why making the use of virtual reception services is an increasingly effective and viable alternative. There are a host of reasons why a business, or an individual within it, may not be contactable at any given moment. These can range from being in a meeting with an important client to the need to concentrate during vital stages of an important project. Personal factors also come into play, sometimes family or other circumstances mean work temporarily takes a back seat.

Yet those who may wish to use your services have no way of knowing that. They simply feel the frustration of not being able to reach you when they wish to. This can be true for established customers, and yes, they may be prepared to give you more leeway at such moments, because of the professional relationship you have established. People contacting you for the first time may simply look elsewhere – and you can actually lose potential customers without ever even knowing of their potential! Making use of virtual reception services takes such possibilities out of the equation. Those who wish to reach your business will be greeted professionally and then their needs handled efficiently and swiftly.

Here at Australian owned and operated Answer Right we believe we can take this a vital stage further. We allocate two key members of our friendly and talented team to your account; ensuring that their level of knowledge of your business is high, and also that your regular callers can actually hear voices they recognise and speak to people they feel they know. We also capture caller data, meaning callers don’t need to feel they are starting from scratch every single time they call.

So, what could virtual reception services add to your business; and how much valuable staff time could they free up for other duties? For more information, get in touch today.

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