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How To Choose The Best Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is used worldwide since the 17th century. The timber wood is highly used as a flooring material as well as it is used as beams and planks. The timber floors are the best flooring, as it provides excellent and long-lasting performance. As we know, wood absorbs and releases the water to make a balance with the external environment to its internal conditions. The minimum dimension of timber that is available is of 5inch and is widely used as a flooring material.

Timber Flooring

The different types of timber flooring are hardwood flooring, softwood flooring, engineered flooring, and laminated flooring. These are most widely used floorings.

  1. The hardwood flooring is famous as the best timber flooring and one of the most sought after and durable flooring type in timber flooring. It is a single large piece, which has specific individual marking and knots on the board. However, the price of this type of timber flooring is high as compared to the others. It looks attractive and feels fantastic. The main choice for hardwood flooring is American white oak, which is used widely as a hardwood timber flooring.
  2. The softwood timber flooring is another commonly used flooring, which is less costly than that of hardwood flooring and is much softer than hardwood. Softwood timber is easy to use due to its different properties than others. The timber used for flooring is 80% softwood, so the use of softwood timber is high. The only disadvantage of this type is that if scratches occur on the floor they are easily visible. But the cost of construction is less in these types of flooring as well as maintenance is also less.
  3. Engineered timber flooring is the new era flooring, which is widely used because of its finishing and fitting. The timber flooring in this type is laminated on the top and have multilayers joined together with the help of glue. Mostly, the engineered timber flooring is joined at right angles with three to four layers, which have an approximate 14-16mm of thickness. The best thing about the engineered timber floors is that it can stay longer due to its construction properties and there will be less effect of moisture as compared to the hardwood timber or softwood timber flooring. Besides, the installation of engineered flooring is easy as compared to other flooring types and the price range is affordable too. One of the best quality of this type of flooring is that there is less effect of moisture on engineered timber flooring and there is a wide variety of texture and colors to choose from.
  4. Laminated Timber flooring is not a type of timber flooring, but it is most commonly used, as it is more affordable than another flooring type. This type of flooring is made by the compressed fiberboard, which is textured afterwards. This type of flooring is the cheapest and fast to install flooring. That is the main reason it is being used widely due to its inexpensive nature. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of this flooring is that it is prone to moisture and sometimes it may not look realistic.

Timber Flooring

As the best timber floorings are discussed the best flooring depends on how much you can spend on it and what are the weather conditions. Consider all the factors while choosing the best timber flooring but engineered timber flooring is the modern and widely used flooring all over the world.

In most of the part of the world, the moisture is the main issue and to resist moisture the best timber flooring is engineered and softwood flooring. However, hardwood timber floors can also be used at any place except that of a highly moisturized area.

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