Smooth, Clean, And Well-Built Access Paths to The Home

Repair Options

A beautiful home has a fantastic facade and comfortable driveway. The smooth and shining surfaces have a welcoming and inviting look. The pavement or the access path to the home is a valuable possession. Clean, concrete pathways are vital for enjoyable drives and walks. The responsible homemakers opt for driveway resurfacing during renovations. The overlaid concrete or permeable paving appears freshly minted.

Cracks, pits, holes, and corner damage is common in pavements and driveways. The builders suggest one of these three repair alternatives –

  • Patch – This is a provisional solution for covering up the damaged areas. Ordinary concrete without adhesive bonding is cost effective. The patchwork is effective only in the short term. The appearance of the pavement is not enhanced in any way.

  • Resurfacing – The concrete resurfaces have strong adhesives in them. The surface appears new, but builders have to show expertise. The concrete must be mixed, poured and smoothened in a skilful manner.

  • Replacement – The most arduous task of complete demolition and reconstruction. This is an expensive option, and the outcome is a brand-new surface.

Cost Factors

All driveways and pavements are not suitable for repair works. Some of them are too old or damaged and are beyond recovery point. The foundation crumbles, and there is no point in opting for a driveway resurfacing. If cracks are smaller or less deep, then this is an ideal solution.

  • The labour costs vary in different regions, and so fixed estimates are inaccurate.

  • The current state of the pavement determines the exact nature of resurfacing.

  • Costs add up because of material choice, availability, and transportation needs.

  • Resurface concrete is more expensive than ordinary concrete without bonding agents.v

  • For x square feet of driveway, the approximate costs hover around 2x dollars.

  • Builders charge in the range of 1$ – 2.25$ or 3$ – 4$ per square foot of paving.

driveway resurfacing
Driveway resurfacing

Porous Paving

  • The permeable pavement is an excellent alternative to patchwork or demolition.

  • The driveway resurfacing can be carried out over tiles, bitumen, and crushed rock.

  • The porous, pebble paving covers up older, concrete driveways efficiently.

  • Builders deliver a wide range of colour combinations and alluring blends.

  • Steep inclines are not an issue as there is no slipperiness or gravel loosening.

  • The aggregate and resin are mixed on the site and manually smoothened.

  • Paving experts do a clean job using the best quality tools, trowels, and tape.

Concrete Solutions

There are different types of paving alternatives for every budget group. The homeowner has to select the best and most viable solution. Concrete driveway resurfacing is a very popular and much-touted method.

  • The surface looks smooth, clean, and blemish free even from a distance

  • The costs are affordable as the material can be brought in large quantities.

  • The contrast of garden, colourful house, and shining white concrete is appealing.

  • Colour dyes and stamping gives the surface an expensive and elegant look.

  • The material is however susceptible to big and deep cracks in cold climates.

Asphalt Paving

  • A very simple, neat, and affordable driveway resurfacing solution.

  • Builders find it effortless and complete the work in a very short time.

  • The black surface colour contrasts well with light coloured houses.

  • The paving absorbs heat, and there is damage due to cold weather or snow.

  • There are no aesthetic benefits as black is the only colour option for buyers.

  • The surface must be re-laid every few years as deterioration can’t be stopped.

To conclude, the driveways complete the look of a house which is very important for the homeowners.

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