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How Wooden Pallets Can be Beneficial to Carry Goods

Wooden pallets are made from wood and look like flat carriers – used to carry goods and lifted using pallet jacks or other such tools. These are commonly used in the logistics industry to transport packaged goods from one place to another. This saves the goods from getting damaged by floor dirt or moisture.

If you visit a logistics warehouse, you will find series of wooden pallets melbourne on which goods are placed – in order to save space and do away with costly storage boxes, metal racks or cabinetry. It has some advantages and that is the reason why it is widely used.

Wooden Pallets and the Reason why they are Preferred:


There are nearly half a billion pallets manufactured every year, with more than two billion in use. This figure is enough to make you understand why many shipping industries prefer them over any other item for placing goods. Pallets are made from many other substances apart from wood like plastic, steel, aluminum, iron, etc. depending on the requirement of industries. Normally, a pallet can bear the load of one thousand kilograms. They are easy to transport from one place to another by using pallet jacks or other such lifters, thus making movement easy. While piling goods one over another, damage to goods can be reduced, as they will not touch with one another.

Types of Pallets that are Commonly Used:


Wooden Pallets: Wooden pallets are made from the wood of various trees. Strength and firmness are important factors when it comes to handling tons of weight. Wooden pallets are used mostly because they are lightweight and can be recycled or reused whenever necessary. They carry light goods that occupy larger space.

Plastic Pallets: Plastic pallets have a wide range of applications similar to wooden pallets. They are also light weighted, but more durable than the latter as they are resistant to water. So, when a shipment has a risk of moisture then such goods are placed on a plastic pallet.

Metal Pallets: Metal pallets are used to carry huge weights that may not be adjusted on a plastic or wooden pallet. These are light or heavy, depending upon the metal used. In normal cases, aluminum or steel is used, while in some cases, iron too is used. They carry heavy weighted shipments and therefore have usage in big logistics industries.

The advantage that these pallets serve is quite overwhelming. In most cases, wooden pallets are preferred as they are cheaper and are easily available. Metal pallets are only used when their need is specific, while plastic pallets are used as a substitute for wooden ones. Wooden pallets can also be reused for domestic purposes. If you do business that is related to logistics, then you must definitely give a try to pallets.

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