Pax Vaporizer

Practical Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Marvelous Pax Vaporizer

This generation is gradually moving towards e-cigarettes and things are looking good. The stigmas associated with vaporizers are slowly disappearing as more people join the vaping movement. It is beneficial for smokers to purchase vaporizers as soon as they can. Their unique features can save them money and protect them from the serious side-effects of normal smoking. Earning the praises for leading this transition, Pax Vaporizer is the best investment for those who are about to vape for the first time. It is an e-cigarette of the highest caliber and its users are not disappointed.

Why an E-Cigarette?

E-cigarettes are becoming the preferred way of smoking for more number of people day by day because it lets them keep others and themselves a lot safer compared to the time when they used to smoke cigarettes. Vaporizers, as these weed e-cigarettes are called, heat the ground marijuana plant and the resulting vapor lets users achieve their high. The heat kills the harmful cannabinoids and the vapor does not have the carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful toxins that smoke has. With medicinal marijuana and a Pax Vaporizer, people are enjoying the experience of healthy smoking.

Technology from Pax

The Pax Vaporizer has combined efficient vaping with breaking-edge technology. When you get your hands on one, you should know about all its functions and features to get the most out of yours vape sessions. Even if it looks like a very sophisticated device, using it is not difficult at all. Three important parts of the Pax Vaporizer that you should know about before you use it are its mouthpiece, the oven lid, and the x-shaped indicator. Once you learn how to use it properly, you can vape easily anytime you want, even in public places sometimes.

Pax Vaporizer

Charge it up

The basic guide should begin with an explanation of how each part of the Pax Vaporizer works but its manufacturers have kept things so simple that one can learn all that just by using it once. As you prepare to use it for the first time, you have to charge it. It comes with a charging stand and you just have to place the Pax on it. The glowing x-shaped indicator shows how much charge it has. To check the charge, just shake the vaporizer. A green light means it has a complete charge, yellow means that 50% of the battery charge is available, and red means low battery, which is the time to charge it again.

Fill and Pack

After the indicator is green and you are ready with your weed, just tap gently on either side of the oven lid and pull it out. The oven inside is what you have to fill up with your favourite herb. For generating the best experience, ensure that this space is tightly packed. Use a good grinder to break down the weed so that you can fit more inside it. This guarantees a better heating process and then the best vape that you can hope for. The newer version of the Pax Vaporizer comes with a half-pack oven lid that lets you fill half the oven for a short vaping session.

As Discreetly as You Like

Do you feel better vaping in public? The Pax Vaporizer is just for you as with its feature of different temperature settings you can ensure that there is no smoke. The best setting for public areas is the lowest one which guarantees you a smoke-free, odor-free public vape that attracts zero attention. Pair your vaporizer with your smartphone and access these settings with one touch or do it manually by removing the mouthpiece. It is absolutely stealthy and makes for the best time that you can have with a vaporizer.

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