indigestion during pregnancy

Things you need to know related to indigestion during pregnancy

During initial pregnancy stages, women produce increased level of hormones in their body. These hormones help in relaxation of muscles, including your digestive system. This process further reduces the rate of your digestion. Indigestion is a process that can offer with a number of other conditions including – heart burn, bloating, feeling of fullest and acid reflux.

How Can Indigestion Affect the Baby Health?

You don’t need to take any prescribed pregnancy digestion medicine as the condition may not affect your baby. It may tend to leave you uncomfortable for some time. The process may prove helpful for passing on additional nutrients to your baby through placenta.

How to relieve from this condition?

During pregnancy, indigestion is a common problem, and you may have to live with it for some time. To eliminate few symptoms, you can follow below stated steps as precautionary measure.

  • It is advisable not relax your tummy after meals, so it can carry out its normal digestion process. You should sit for at least an hour after meals.
  • Pregnant women should avoid bending over too much, as it can elevate indigestion. Even if you have to bend, then avoid bending too much from your waist side.
  • Experts also suggest patients to split their meals into smaller parts, instead of a full sized meal.
  • In general, it is best to avoid eating foods that can trigger indigestion. You need to cut out spice, fats, juices and chocolates from your regular diet.
  • During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol, or caffeine rich food products. These food products could directly trigger indigestion.
  • It is also advisable to quit smoking when pregnant. Smoking can further trigger heart burn and indigestion, making the condition worse.
  • Experts also suggest that pregnant women should have their dinner three hours before bed time, to avoid indigestion related problems.
  • You can also try and maintain better sleep posture, during night time. Ensure you are comfortable with your pillow and mattress, tilted at an angle.

What treatments to follow during pregnancy to avoid indigestion?

Epilepsy medicine during pregnancy may prove helpful if the condition gets more severe, and if taken on time. Your medication for indigestion, in general, may depend on your condition of ailment. Severe indigestion related problems certainly need to be treated on time, before it gets worse.

One of the best suggestions is to consult a professional doctor, for prescription. Due to pregnancy, you need to take medicines that are safe, and offer with no side effects. Antacids may be effective in eliminating indigestion to certain extent.

Over the counter medication, that is not very strong can be taken, but only after doctor’s prescription. No matter what you take, always ensure you don’t feel burning sensation in your stomach. Also try and take the medication in prescribed dosage.  In case you feel the medication is not effective, and if you stat noticing other symptoms, then immediately try and contact your health expert.

Indigestion during pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms, women face. Through right consultation, it can always be controlled effectively.

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