G&M Orient enters exclusive distribution deal with homeopathic pioneers Ivy Kids

We are pleased to announce that G&M Orient has signed an exclusive long-term distribution deal with naturopath health producer Ivy Kids. The distribution agreement gives G&M Orient proprietary distribution rights to supply all Australian markets including pharmacies and retailers as well as the distribution to the Daigou market and the Greater China region comprising of China’s mainland, Taiwan, Honk Kong, and Macau. G&M Orient’s team is excited to welcome Ivy Kids to the G&M Orient family. They are very optimistic about how this exciting partnership will allow millions of people around the world to be more accessible to much-needed medicine.

Currently, G&M Orient distributes products for over 80 international health and beauty conglomerates internationally. The GM Orient team pursued this most recent distribution deal with Ivy Kids as they steadily continue to search for the pioneers of the medical industry. A group of highly experienced pharmacists founded Ivy Kids with focuses on infant and child immune systems by using only natural and chemical-free ingredients and solutions. They have formulated successful medicines that treat infant and toddler pain, fever, immune system support, flues, coughs, and immune system boosters. These achievements were accomplished in a short time thanks to the dedication of the pharmacists behind Ivy Kids, as they continue to research and formulate more medical cures and miracles every day.

The Naturopathic formulas found by Ivy Kids have had a sweeping effect on the medical market internationally, with many parents opting to treat their children with natural medicine to eliminate almost all therapeutic side effects. As a result, there has been a significant gap in the Australian and international markets for more Naturopathic formulated medicine. GM Orient wishes to close this gap by way of its partnership with Ivy Kids. The team at GM Orient’s primary goal is to ensure medication is accessible to all who seek it no matter where they are around the globe. This distribution deal is one step closer to achieving this goal!

Eric Liu (Director of G&M Orient) still has vowed not to stop there. He assures that he and his team will continue to search for more pioneering homeopathic companies such as Ivy Kids as well as continue to branch out to the rest of the world, with greater Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas in their sights.

So, stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future, and if you have any questions regarding this press release or only looking for more information about G&M Orient and Ivy Kids, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

Till next time!

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