What Is Metal Fabrication and What Are Its Benefits?

When it comes to metal fabrication, it is a process where metal structures are built through the process of bending, cutting and assembling. This is a process which is meant for constructing different types of structures and machineries by using various types of raw materials. These jobs are mainly carried out is fab shops, which are usually done based on the different types of engineering drawings. These fab shops will carry out a wide range of different processes in a facility or plant which would include cutting, welding, machining and forming.  Metal fabrication is very important for business and industrial needs, because most of the stainless steel, rough metal and iron industries are based on these fabrication only.

When it comes to the fabrication job, it usually begins with the step of shop drawing, which includes precise measurement and then move to the stage of fabrication and then to the step of installation.

What Are the Processes Involved?

  • Cutting: When it comes to cutting, it is done by shearing, sawing or chiseling; with the help of powered or manual variants; torching them with the help of hand-used torches, like the plasma torches and oxy-fuel torches and CNC, with the help of mill bits, laser, water jet or torch. 

  • Bending: The process of bending is done through hammering, either manually or with the help of machines or by press brakes. The metal fabricators these days are using press brakes in order air-bend or coin the metal sheet.  With the help of off-line programming application, the CNC-controlled programming has now become very efficient. Industrial fabrication can deal with these bending and cutting for molding their rough metal as per their shape, and they can use different kinds of press and heating machines for this purpose. 

  • Assembling: Assembling is a very important step in this process. When it comes to the process of fabrication, various methods and materials are being used when it comes to the process of assembling.

What Are the Raw Materials Required?

When it comes to fabrication, there are different types of raw materials which are used. In such cases, all metal fabrication works are based on some metals like, steel, iron and aluminium. Companies mainly remold and bend these metals with their machine, and they try to give these a proper shape as per their product features.

  • Expanded and Formed Metal: These are the major raw materials which are used in this process.

  • Plate Metal: This is another major raw material which is used in this process.

  • Welding Rod: When it comes to fabrication of metals, the welding rods play a very important role. 

What Are the Benefits of Working with The Fabricated Metals?

  • Strategic and Competitive Advantage: Fabricated metals offer competitive and strategic advantage to the manufacturers of the final product.

  • Cost Savings: These metals help save a lot of cost and they can help reduce the cost of production by a great extent. Industrial and commercial companies mainly use such fabrication process for making their products and metal fabrication also has a traditional role to play as part of heavy industries. 

  • Less Tooling Cost: usually, when it comes to processing of metals, the tooling cost can be quite high. In the case of the fabricated metals, the tooling cost is very less and it helps to reduce the overall cost of production. 

  • Fabrication with extra value added: This is another major benefit of the fabricated metals. They offer additional value added properties. 

  • Design Assistance: When it comes to design assistance, the fabricated metals play a very important role. 

Apart from these, there are various benefits which metal fabrication has to offer. Their usage has become very popular these days.

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