Diesel Engines Repairs

Diesel Engine Repair- The Need and the Solution

Diesel engines are quite different from regular gas engines as the chief fuel for such engines i.e. diesel is an unrefined petroleum bi-product. These engines are most cost efficient as diesel is cheaper when we compare the prices with gas fuels and even petrol. But just like every other machine, diesel engines also have their pros and cons. These machines have higher torque ratios, and often need Diesel engine repair for various problems.

Few Very Common Diesel Engine Issues:

Before you think about effective Diesel engine repair, you must understand and acknowledge the issues with these machines. Some of the very frequently reported issues are as follows:

  • Power failure: A faulty fuel supply system often creates disrupted power supply in diesel engines. One common mistake is the failure to empty the debris collector bowl that remains connected to chief fuel filter. This bowl stores all the debris that is prevented to reach the engine by the fuel filter. If these fuel impurities are not cleared and drained regularly and properly, it all sums up and create an obstructive barrier between the fuel and the combustion chamber. As a result of inadequate supply it becomes difficult to start the engine; also this delays the acceleration of the machine. Eventually, the engine falls short of power.
  • Use of inaccurate machine lubricants: During cold seasons making use of wrong kind of engine oil often calls for Diesel engine repair. Wrong lubricants often fail to deliver the intended engine functionality and causes hard starts. Diesel engines need correct lubricants in correct weather. In warmer temperatures, single-weight lubricants work well but in cold temperatures the use of multi-weight lubricant is highly necessary for proper functionality. Using single-weight lube in winter often damages the engine.
  • Glow Plug breakdown: Glow plugs play a crucial role in generating pumping force for the engine pistons. Usually they create warm air which is further compressed and utilized alongside the fuel to create the required force. These pipes tend to corrode with time due to heat. When these plugs fail it becomes impossible to generate the required force to start the engine and call for Diesel engine repair.
  • Damaged acid-lead batteries: Diesel engines need more current from the batteries, due to increased compression ratio of the engine diesel motors experience greater load. This adds pressure on the batteries and often times they dry up. Once the batteries die it becomes impossible to start the engines and other parts.
Diesel Engines Repairs
Diesel Engines Repairs

Reason behind Diesel engine repair can be many, but one simple step to avoid engine failure is proper diesel engine maintenance.  Proper handling and maintenance of any machine can prolong its life, and eliminate the need of repair.

Some useful maintenance tips are as follows:

Few Tips That Can Prolong the Life of a Diesel Engine:

  • Inspect the glow plugs regularly, repair and change them whenever any sign of failure is noticed.
  • Clean the lubricant filters and the draining bowl, if no obstruction is there then the fuel can easily reach the engine.
  • Monitor the gaskets frequently; keep a check for repair needs.
  • Keep checking the mounting bolts and the other parts for leakage. Whenever leakage is found, repair them without wasting any time.
  • Call for reliable professional help whenever required, do not look for cheap DIY Diesel engine repair methods. These might actually do more harm than benefit.
  • Replenish the batteries at regular interval as they dry up faster you need to ensure that you have enough energy to spare for your diesel engine.
  • Use good quality engine lubricants; always use the correct weight lubricant according to outer climate.

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