Venetian Plaster

Why Choose Venetian Plaster for Your Homes

Venetian Plaster is not new; it has been used for ages and is still being used because of the manifold advantages of this material. The popularity of Venetian plaster is so widespread that people throughout the world are now using them for their houses and offices. Venetian plaster is being used in commercial spaces like never before now! If you are wondering how this material is popular than the traditional variant is because of the features and benefits of it. If you want to give your house or work a new and elevated look, this is the thing for you. With the extensive range of Venetian plaster that is available in the market, you will have the best time! Let’s check the reasons to select the Venetian Plaster only.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster

If you want to delve deeper into the extensive range of Venetian plaster, here are the types of Venetian plaster available in the market now:

  • Stucco Venezia no: The composition of this variety of Venetian plaster comes with no sand. The application is somewhat different too. It is applied in multiple thin layers over the surface. The best thing about Venetian plaster is the kind of choices it provides to you. For example, this variety of Venetian plaster is available in subtle matte texture, but if you want a polished and reflective surface, that can be arranged as well.
  • Marmorino Fine: The composition of this Venetian plaster utilizes the minimal capacity of sand in the mixture. This is also available in matte, but you can make it medium polished or highly polished to define the movement of colors on your surface.
  • Marmorino Grosso: This plaster is very similar to the former, but it is also different in the feature that it contains bigger grains and sand particles that add relative depth to your walls. The bigger grains are definitely aimed at providing better texture and thickness on the surface to which the plaster is applied. It is with the help of this variety that applicators can work more creatively to provide a vast array of visual effects like diagonal, linear, distress, and crackle. This variety is the best for those who want something extra and eye catching on the walls.
  • Traventino: The final variant in this extensive range of Venetian plaster is the Traventino. It has the most significant grains and an abundance of sand particles. This is the best one that can be applied to the exterior of the building as it is climate proof. Because they are very durable, these are definitely worth the price. Also Traventino is available under varieties of colors which can add special effect on the walls of your home.

Another critical thing to keep in mind about Venetian plaster is that they are available in a wide variety of colors that you can choose from. While some regular colors are available for a lower price, there indeed exist unique and exciting options for you. While these colors are a bit more expensive than the traditional ones, but they are a worthy buy because of their enduring character.


Besides the fact that there is an extensive range of Venetian plaster available in the market for you to choose from, Venetian plaster has several other advantages to make them worth the investment. Venetian plaster requires almost no maintenance after it has been applied. These plasters are quite cost-effective and remarkably timeless with ageless beauty. Their durability is another selling point. So if you want to change the look of your house, this is the best option for you. Choose from an extensive range of Venetian plaster now and add a special beauty to your premise!

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